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Nintendo Loses 9.9 Billion Yen in Latest Quarter, 500,000 Wii U's and 820,000 3DS's Shipped - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 30 July 2014 / 9,041 Views

Nintendo has released its quarterly report, for its first quarter of its currently fiscal year, which ended June 30, 2014. For the quarter Nintendo recorded revenue of 74.7 billion Yen (US$73m), down slightly from 81.5 billion (US$79m) Yen year-on-year. There was also a loss of 9.9 billion Yen (US$96m). This is compared to a profit of 8.6 billion Yen (US$84m) during the same period a year ago.

For the quarter there was only one major release, Mario Kart 8, which saw sales of 2.82 million units.

Nintendo shipped 500,000 Wii U's for the quarter, bringing the total to 6.68 million. Nintendo expects to ship 3.6 million units for the full fiscal year, which ends March 31, 2015. Nintendo also shipped 820,000 3DS's for the quarter, which is down from 1.4 million a year ago.

The expected increase in Wii U sales is due to the release of Super Smash Bros. U, Hyrule Warriors, Bayonetta 2, and Wii Sports Club.


A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. Outside, in the real world, he has a passion for the outdoors which includes everything from hiking to having received his B.A. in Environmental Studies. You can contact the author at

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FujiokaMidori (on 30 July 2014)

I'll say this upfront: I don't like Satoru Iwata or the direction he has taken the company for the past almost 10 years now, and I really wish they had someone else at the helm.
With that said, I hope this was the last year we see Nintendo lose money this bad. 2014 is a bombardment of amazing Wii U tittles, so even if they were still to lose some money in the 2014 - 2015 period, I expect it to be faaaar less than previous years. I wouldn't be too surprised if the Wii U actually remained above XOne for the rest of the generation in terms of sales. This has been the first year I've really wanted a Wii U, for the stuff that's coming. And I'm sure I'm not the only one.

  • +2
MatrosRx (on 30 July 2014)

Nintendo just filed more copyright claims for QoL, I think they must have invested heavily in their new product which would have caused a loss.

  • +2
Panama (on 30 July 2014)

3ds popularity has dipped heavily. No real noteworthy titles this year until Pokemon comes out. Massive difference from the slew of great titles that came out in 2013.

  • +1
FarleyMcFirefly (on 30 July 2014)

I find it funny how all articles posting the Nintendo loss have it at 9.9 Billion Yen in the title because it seems like a much bigger loss than it actually is. Still, I hope that soon they start earning some money, I would hate to see Nintendo go down the toilet.

  • +1

The article is just reporting a fact... nothing more.

  • +1
Podings (on 30 July 2014)

To be fair, it's a slow quarter, and Nintendo had to invest in putting on their gameface for E3.

Lucky they had Mario Kart, or the quarter would've been much worse, it seems.

  • +1
AllCreation (on 02 August 2014)

There is a pretty massive discrepancy in the numbers there... It doesn't take a genius to see that 74.7 billion Yen (which they have as US$73m) CANNOT POSSIBLY convert to less than 9.9 billion Yen (Which they have written as US$96m)... WTF

  • 0
ICStats (on 31 July 2014)

Last year there was loss. This year the growth in Wii U & 3DS sales is smaller than the decline in Wii & DS related sales, and Nintendo hasn't reduced expenses YoY. How can there be anything other than a loss?

last year's loss + higher expenses + declining sales = more loss than last year

  • 0
NickK (on 31 July 2014)

Good news: 3DS and WiiU are sold at a loss.
Bad news: Still Losses but better than times
Solution: FUCKING replace Iwata! Cannot understand why he is still there. He will destroy Nintendo.

  • 0
Dannyson97 NickK (on 02 August 2014)

People like this make me cringe from how little they understand about how much control a president has, and why Iwata is still in control.

  • 0
ExplodingBlock NickK (on 04 August 2014)

You mean the man he released the Wii, DS, and 3DS? All successes? But when one console comes out and doesn't sell well everyone wants him fired

  • 0
SirFortesque (on 30 July 2014)

This kind of articles actually are demotivating people in buying a Wii U... meh, if your objective is to help Nintendo, you're doing it wrong.

  • 0
FujiokaMidori SirFortesque (on 30 July 2014)

I hardly believe it's an article's fault about Nintendo's present fails. Nintendo themselves did this, with the confusing name and staying away from third parties. People who read these articles like us, are dedicated gamers. We all know the tittles that are coming. This could demotivate people who have no idea about Nintendo, but they don't come to gaming sites to read about this stuff.

  • 0
oniyide SirFortesque (on 01 August 2014)

should they lie?

  • 0
chidori-chan2 (on 30 July 2014)

500,000 Wii U's and 820,000 3DS's Shipped''' Man , and still no profit?? There's something wrong with video games nowadays,,,,

  • 0
GoldenGamer (on 30 July 2014)

Not surprised with how poorly the WiiU is selling.Not even the 3DS can carry the weight this time. They should just dump their home console all together and focus on the DS.

  • 0
novasonic (on 30 July 2014)

There's a couple mistakes in your USD conversions that are making it seem worse than it is for people ignoring the yen numbers.

  • 0
ExplodingBlock (on 30 July 2014)

This was a slow quarter, I see them making profit in Fall with Hyrule Warriors and Bayonetta 2, hopefully Smash too

  • -1
Tlozjb ExplodingBlock (on 02 August 2014)

Smash and Bayo will not be in the same Quarter as Hyrule Warriors, while Hyrule Warriors sits at Q2(July - September), SSB, Amiibo, and Bayonetta 2 is in Q3 (October - December) so a profit should appear in Q3 and not Q2

  • 0
FromDK (on 30 July 2014)

Dechizen.. Nintendo does not earn theire money on hardware.. they do it on software.. so offcourse they calculate what makes sense at this moment.. and even if i think nintendo are the last of the big to go multi.. they will do it at some point.. (when does it make more sense to go for the +2 billion smarttv's and phones.. rather than try to sell (and have the cost) to try to sell +100 mill "nintendo" hardware.. (and they can still make controllers and nintendo "enhanced" phones and tv's.. to the "multi market)
So just relax.. when it make sense they will..

  • -2
fleischr (on 30 July 2014)

Considering MK8 is at tracked at 2.2 million now, VGC may have undertracked MK8 if it had shipped 2.8 million by the the end of June. I just don't consider a massive overshipment of the game to be likely.

  • -2
Mnementh fleischr (on 30 July 2014)

The japanese trackers at least show MK8 selling most of it's shipment for the region. If the game doesn't stay on shelfes in europe and america, you might be right.

  • 0
ryuzaki57 (on 31 July 2014)

So where's the magical Nintendo E3 effect? Sony's game division made 4.3b lol

  • -3
AllCreation ryuzaki57 (on 31 July 2014)

Ummm... E3 ended June 11th and this report is through June 30th... how much did you expect them to amass in the subsequent 19 days with only one major release?

  • 0
Dechizen (on 30 July 2014)

why does my comment keep repeating? something wrong with the website

  • -3
HintHRO Dechizen (on 30 July 2014)

Because everybody has to see what a retard you are.

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Dechizen (on 30 July 2014)
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Dechizen (on 30 July 2014)
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Dechizen (on 30 July 2014)
  • -10
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