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05/21/08 Nintendo
12/01/07 Nintendo
04/25/08 Nintendo

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22,670,000 Units
As of: September 30th, 2018

Opinion (472)

atma998 posted 31/01/2016, 01:45
Wow 22.71M and another 21.93M for Wii Fit Plus. Total sales of 44.64M!
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S.Peelman posted 30/10/2015, 01:14
Nintendo says 22.67m as of september 30.
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Kai Master posted 13/08/2011, 12:23
34M BB sold, this game would have sold 34M+ units if no Plus, biggest succes ever even betting Pokemon games
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axumblade posted 31/12/2010, 08:37
@bigjon, it's because they discontinued wii fit and released wii fit plus.
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bigjon posted 24/12/2010, 03:35
weird graph... It is one huge hill then just flat... Would be WELL of 30 million right now had Nintendo not release +
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spurgeonryan posted 13/12/2010, 03:43
So I assume unlike other wii games that since there is a new one out this is not for sale anymore? So this game sold for 80 dollars a piece then the BB sold fo another 50 dollars a piece!! Wow!4-5 billion in sales between wii Fit and plus combined, including all the periphreals needed for it..
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