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09/14/18 Square Enix
09/14/18 Square Enix
09/14/18 Square Enix

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1 33,016 153,498 212,042 87,424 485,980
2 8,354 92,405 84,537 45,473 230,769
3 3,781 45,064 50,448 23,707 123,000
4 2,255 27,715 37,087 15,586 82,643
5 1,456 24,075 25,890 12,489 63,910
6 1,295 16,759 21,788 9,318 49,160
7 1,009 11,848 21,389 7,581 41,827
8 801 9,613 18,344 6,316 35,074

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Lekzie69 posted 06/12/2018, 04:40
squenix - lets make rise a timed exclusive for xbone
eidos montreal - last of us 2 e3 trailer is fake
ps4 fans - we will remember that
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hiccupthehuman posted 21/11/2018, 03:00
I don't agree with people blaming the 2015 Xbox exclusivity deal for the weaker sales. Rise sold just fine after all was said and done; it's this game that failed to resonate. People seem to overlook the fact that this game is the lowest rated game of the trilogy (76, 77, 83 for Shadow vs 86, 86, 88 for Rise), and that by the second game, it was clear that the rebooted Lara was a boring and unlikeable.
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alx.93 posted 11/11/2018, 03:16
The sales of shadow of the tomb raider are better than rise on the ps4 so i think its okay for them.
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sabby_e17 posted 10/11/2018, 05:26
These sales arenít horrible but theyíre a far cry from the success of the reboot in 2013. Shadow and Rise are both good games, and with the Tomb Raider brand, they should be selling a lot more than they currently are.

I think we all know that the timed release of Rise of the Tomb Riader was a big blow for the franchise. In 2015, PS4 gamers were crying out for good games, and then with the runaway success of Sonyís exclusives from 2016 onwards, the fan base that Tomb Raider has always belonged to has largely forgotten about it.

Microsoft must have paid dearly for timed exclusivity in 2015. At the time, Square Enix must have thought they had a good deal on their hands. But fast forward to the releases in 2016, and 2018, and I wonder if that short term money was worth it. I donít think Square Enix will make the same mistake again.
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Kerotan posted 09/11/2018, 08:31
Hopefully they leave the next reboot until next gen. We've had enough TR his gen.
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Salnax posted 04/11/2018, 02:28
Week 1 Sales of are actually roughly on par with Rise of Tomb Raider if we align the PS4 release with the Xbox release of that game. Mind you, several factors were working against Rise of Tomb Raider. And the 2013 had about twice these sales the first week.

The consensus seems to be something along the lines of "we already played a better version of this a few years ago." Which, in retrospect, is similar to what they said about Chronicles and Underworld.

I wonder what the next reboot will be like?
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