Parasite Eve for PlayStation

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09/09/98 Square EA
03/29/98 Square
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As of: December 31st, 2017

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thewastedyouth posted 25/03/2012, 07:36
I remember going to Electronic Boutique and watching this game's opening in the tv and asking my mom about it

never bought it but good to see it sold well
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epicurean posted 21/03/2011, 05:13
playing again for the first time in over a decade. Trying to get this one and the sequel in before 3rd B-day. Going to be close.
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DeltaXIII posted 01/12/2010, 05:59
I just replayed it again recently. Still a great game. Hopefully it releases on PSN in other areas when 3rd Birthday comes out.
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StreaK posted 09/03/2010, 07:43
Wow, I thought this would have sold at least 3 million worldwide. It didn't even break a million in the US??? Seriously? Not even 100, 000 overseas??? Wow...the FF name really does sell I guess.
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Son1x posted 20/05/2009, 05:02
This game is so awesome.
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Simulacrum posted 24/02/2009, 12:14
I'm ashamed that I haven't played this...Second one was great..
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