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メタルギアソリッド ポータブル OPS


Kojima Productions



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12/05/06 Konami
12/21/06 Konami
05/25/07 Konami

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1 n/a 49,498 n/a 8,735 58,233
2 n/a 24,626 n/a 4,346 28,972
3 161,988 29,787 n/a 7,227 199,002
4 55,041 11,054 n/a 2,631 68,726
5 51,816 9,763 n/a 2,356 63,935
6 28,776 7,659 n/a 1,730 38,165
7 23,375 7,108 n/a 1,571 32,054
8 16,020 6,661 n/a 1,414 24,095
9 9,004 6,886 n/a 1,386 17,276
10 6,740 6,045 n/a 1,206 13,991

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-girgosz- posted 28/04/2012, 10:31
sabby_e17: Yeah it ties into the story pretty well but they won't mention anything that happened in this game not even in PW which is pretty much a sequel to MGS3. My biggest concern with this game is that you play as Snake only in a few missions because you have to look after his stamina and so on. I don't like that average soldiers can do all the things that you thought only Snake could do in the previous games. The cutscenes are comic-style-which I don't like either. I thought it was the PSP's limitations until a saw PW's opening scene. (And played Crisis Core). The plot is decent but as I said if you you miss this game you won't really miss anything from the main story.
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sabby_e17 posted 14/04/2012, 03:04

Hey, good to see your'e enjoying the game. Since I'm an avid MGS fan and haven't played the game yet, I was wondering how good the story was or if the story ties into MGS3 and later MGS:PW (since MGS:PO is set after MGS3 and before MGS:PW).

So yeah, I haven't even played PW yet because I want to know how good this is and I don't want to be wasting my time buying and playing a game on the PSP if it isn't all that. Story is the most important for me like all MGS games.

However I have a feeling I'm going to be playing this game anyway sooner or later simply because I'm such a die hard MGS fan and BIg Boss is such a legend...
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thewastedyouth posted 07/04/2012, 08:11
I just got this game, amazing

I love playing this and making my army!!! this should have sold more

Konami could at least made it for the PS2 as well!!!
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whatz3rname posted 22/05/2010, 11:05
I have a feeling this has sold a lot more...
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sbvgc2012 posted 21/03/2010, 04:13
Great game shame sales.

Hope peace walker will sell at least 2 million on the PSP.
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Aj_habfan posted 13/06/2009, 05:42
Man, this game is fun, but my copy I imported from the UK crapped out on me! I'll see if they bring it to the PSN store or I'm lucky enough to find one at an actual store.
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