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11/10/08 Activision
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11/14/08 Activision

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Good stratigy for shi no numa and turn on music (all maps)

Heres a good stratigy 4 shi no numa and how to turn on music on all maps first the stragity open up the warning door by the hanging guy and go to the random box then camp where the debris is theres no barriers behind you then by round 10 open up the comm room 3 zombies will come out of the swamp so be careful! get the wanderwaffe DG-2 and keep on running around the comm room the outside then once all the zombies are behind you shoot the wanderwaffe and blast em back 2 hell! and for the dogs buy betties and place them in corners all over the place downstairs where the random box starts out run wherever u put the betties and kill them then before you buy comm room buy joggernog and speed cola and thats that time for music for music om map 1 nacht der untoten by the random box theres a table and a radio shoot the radio and the music turns on theres at least 6 different songs. for map 2 zombie verruckt theres a toilet upstairs on the side with the kar98k and flush it 3 times the songs called lulliby for a dead man on map 3 shi no numa go to the comm room the inside and theres a phone beeping keeping holding square at it until u hear: i know ur sleeping then if ur playin as tank dempsey my favorite he will say: what are they gonna put a music easter egg in every map now! that song is called the one. and 4 der riese there are two green things on the side with the trench gun press and hold square at them then on the side with the thompson where the teleporter is by the type 100 theres on more press square at it and the music turns on that songs called buetey of annilathon. Hope the stragity helped and ya like the cool chazz and the stragitys only good for solo. GOOD LUCK!

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TrevDaRev posted 17/05/2013, 12:05
17th PS3 '5' million seller.
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Jozu posted 20/04/2013, 03:20
Obviously not. It should do in a few weeks though.
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VGKing posted 10/03/2012, 10:34
Definitely has a chance to reach 5mil before the end of the year.
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MrMofongo624 posted 03/12/2011, 05:46
I disagree with u, this games multiplayer is amazing. There is no bullshit in this one unlike the others. 100% fair
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The_Joker_Product posted 20/11/2011, 04:31
This is the worst one.
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MrMofongo624 posted 05/11/2011, 06:13
the only amazing cod, the other ones are OK.
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