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09/09/14 Activision
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09/09/14 Activision

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Sales History

Total Sales
1 n/a 746,613 324,522 182,525 1,253,660
2 n/a 146,540 63,262 35,799 245,601
3 n/a 93,014 40,394 22,737 156,145
4 n/a 70,266 27,563 17,000 114,829
5 n/a 39,824 15,044 9,600 64,468
6 n/a 24,992 9,876 6,050 40,918
7 n/a 20,141 8,833 4,929 33,903
8 n/a 18,445 9,203 4,580 32,228
9 n/a 16,299 7,299 3,997 27,595
10 n/a 14,783 8,040 3,711 26,534

Opinion (30)

Slade6alpha posted 19/10/2018, 04:15
This game sucks
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darkenergy posted 07/01/2016, 01:09
Halo 5 surpass Destiny on the X1, good :)
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kchlou posted 04/05/2015, 10:36
How can I download all weeks for Destiny sales?
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Kerotan posted 14/01/2015, 04:02
3rd highest game on xbox. destiny has got a lot of love on the platform and this is without much bundling.
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Mr Puggsly posted 14/11/2014, 04:36
@teamsilent13 - Well your point ignores the genre as whole has seen a massive decline in online play. The games still sell very well, I believe people are just spending less time playing online.

People were focused on Halo's population decline because those numbers were made available on web browsers. Other shooters were also seeing a massive decline in online population, but people wouldn't know unless they actually booted the game. Many games don't even show their population.

For the record, Halo:MCC and CoD:AW don't show the population. I think its because they don't want people analyzing them and presuming the worst.
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teamsilent13 posted 07/11/2014, 08:35
45k on multiplayer is still better than 20k that Halo 4 pulled. After one year of Halo 4 there was no new Halo. There was no console transition yet to steal from its population. Your example is fine, but it's not a perfect comparison. After one year of COD there is another COD. There should not be five CODs ahead of one Halo. That was the case around Ghost's launch. Four CODs were ahead of Halo 4, and MW2 was so close. I played those older CODs around that time and they pulling over 25k. All of them are going to be decline due to console transition. Halo 4 will probably decline now that MCC is out, but before that there was not much taking away from its current playerbase. Also, I agree you could say all shooters are on decline. BF4 had less sales than BF3. COD is declining, too. The point is that Halo is declining much faster and it's population did not reflect the record launch sales that Halo 4 received and the 9 million+ lifetime units. It was a game that most people I know felt very disappointed with. More than Titanfall or Destiny. I've seen videos by pro players in the MLG community, former machinima directors, and countless forum posts. That's my point.
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