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11/15/11 Activision
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11/18/11 Activision

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Fishing fun for the whole family is here with fast-paced, arcade style action made for Kinect. Full-body motion controls allow players to mimic the key actions of real life fishing.  With over 20 species of fish that can be caught, this light-hearted and fun fishing game brings friends and family together for a fishing trip that’s sure to be remembered!

  • Exciting Fish Battles: Fishing battles are intense, lightning-quick man vs. fish clashes that pit players against their catch. Pull the fish up before it can pull you in!
  • Awesome Boat Races: Race between hot spots, gathering bonus items for the next fishing round. Grab speed boosts, hit jump ramps, and knock competition off the course with a hip check.
  • Fishing with Personality: Rapala for Kinect is oozing with personality as players go up against hilariously funny boss fish. Snap a picture via Kinect and morph it into one of the games’ toughest boss fish!
  • Rapala Lures: Each lure has distinct characteristics and abilities and will speak to players either helping them, or taunting them. With plenty of unlockable styles, colors and sizes, Rapala has just the right kind of lure for everyone!
  • Better with a friend: Multiplayer consists of 2-player simultaneous fishing and up to 4-player hot-seat fishing that allows for drop in and drop out seamless gameplay. Players can fish with their Xbox LIVE Avatars.


- Activision

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6 n/a n/a 273 41 314
7 n/a n/a 59 9 68
8 n/a n/a 35 5 40
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