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02/21/12 Ignition Entertainment
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Remember when games actually required skill, and the only way to build skill was to play, play, Play!? You'd play with your friends until blisters bubbled and burned, taking it in turns to beat challenging puzzles and you'd listen closely to the game's hearbeat to try and work out what the next move would be. The kind of game that required brain power, relfexes of a cat and nerves of steel to overcome. Fractured Soul is that game! 

Here's some the unique features taking gameplay to the next level! 
  • Imagine playing a game across two dimensions at the same time. Countless new puzzles and level designs.
  • Hand crafted level designs, each level more unique and challenging than the next - your mind will race as fast as your trigger finger!
  • 5 distinct worlds each with a fun, new gameplay element to master.
  • Top down shooter levels and huge boss fights split across dual screens!
  • A gameplay experience that is at once very familiar but also totally unique!
  • Deep, engaging storyline that will keep you guessing until the final twist!

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