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04/21/05 Hip Interactive
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04/01/05 Hip Interactive

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Anya Romanov is an unlikely heroine operating on the wrong side of the law in a dark near-future world of oppression and fear. When a regular burglary goes awry, Anya finds herself ensnared in the deadly politics of a city whose underbelly is rife with corruption. Only her skills as a thief can hope to save her.

Kitted out with the best hi-tech gear that "someone else's money did buy" Anya is not alone in her crimes. Thanks to micro-gadgetry, her friend and confidant Louie Palmer is now also the ever-present guiding voice in Anya's ear.

Combining a blend of third-person, stealth and action games, Stolen delivers a tense, hi-tech thriller.

Developer Blue 52 has focused on delivering atmospheric and detailed environments with awesome lighting effects. A museum, high-tech prison and satellite array are just some of the locations to creep and skulk around in this visually spectacular game.

These touches aren't just cosmetic; smart use of the real-time shadow technology is essential for success. Use stealth, athletics, hacking, lock picking and an array of high-tech weapons to bypass security, but try to ignore your heart pounding in your ears as you try to outsmart and out-sneak a deadly, determined enemy.


  • A new heroine for a new kind of stealth game

  • Hollywood-style storyline, locations and cut-scenes

  • Deadly opponents present a lethal challenge, from security guards to advanced automated defence systems

  • Make use of numerous hi-tech gadgets, including tracking devices, sonic visor, and hacking devices

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