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01/01/95 Bethesda Softworks
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01/01/95 Virgin Interactive

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Prepare for the Future.

Los Angeles, 2015:

The Raging, apocalyptic war has consumed mankind for over 20 years. As a veteran member of John Connor's resistance force, you have the power to stop the Skynet menace that continues to threaten the human race during the fateful "years of darkness."

Can you act before it is too late?


Experience three dimensional action like never before. RUN across scrolling landscapes, explore ruined buildings, infiltrate Terminator outposts, DRIVE through the wreckage of downtown LA and even capture and FLY an HK hovercraft!

Prepare to be amazed by the true 3D experience of Bethesda's new XnGine. Six degrees of freedom, full texture mapping and dynamic light sourcing create a game experience unlike any other. As your weapons tear through more then twenty types of 3D modeled robot enemies, you'll have to duck as they explode into dozens of burning pieces!

  • 17 deadly weapons at your disposal!
  • Gripping story and mission briefings!
  • 3D multi-channel stereo sound and music
  • Full joystick and gamepad support
  • Supports the Virtual I/O, Victor Maxx, and Forte VFX1 head mounted displays, with head tracking
  • Network play module add-on available (Feb. '96)


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spurgeonryan posted 20/07/2011, 09:51
If only they had an easier way to get older game reviews on this site.
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spurgeonryan posted 20/07/2011, 09:43
Lots of similarities to the snes robocop vs terminator
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