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11/20/05 Rockstar Games
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07/31/09 Rockstar Games

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What is Grand Theft Auto? Well, in addition to acquiring a motored vehicle without permission, it's a series of games that revolve around crime, mayhem, violence, drama, action, bullets, revenge and, of course, money. All of the games are very similar in the means of gameplay: You control a man, who must do stuff in order to earn money and respect, so he could do more advanced stuff and eventually rise to stars as a biggest mutha of 'em all. The open world makes it possible to do almost anything. You can steal any car. Shoot, maim, drown, ambush, attack, hit, scare, destroy, explode, burn, or slice anyone. Fly planes, drive boats, parachute from skies, drive bmx-bikes, burglar houses, rob stores, date babes, listen to the wacky radio stations, attend to contests, control RC cars, search for hidden packages, unique jumps, graffiti tags. You can buy property, go and have dinner, tune cars, and much much more.

GTA3 is the first one of this trilogy. It sees one nameless dude escaping imprisonment and starting to take over the underworld of the Liberty City to himself, bit by bit.

GTA: Vice City is the second in the series. It happens in the 80's and the place is Vice City. The main protagonist Tommy Vercetti has returned from a "vacation" and is back in town to take his place in the city's crime scene.

GTA: San Andreas is the final part of this trilogy. Three big cities to explore, and for the first time in the series: a proper wilderness with trees and such. The game area is roughly three times bigger than Vice City.

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