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04/12/11 Atlus
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11/19/10 Focus Home Interactive

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Rivellon is a timeless fantasy world ravaged by many wars. The numerous ruins and wrecks scattered around the kingdom are silent witnesses of a dark past. The world is now at peace but only since a few dozen years. However, today everyone is carefree, except for those who remember the last and devastating conflict. They know that peace is fragile and that dark forces are hiding in the shadows, waiting for the right time to strike again.

As you journey through Rivellon, you will mould the Dragon Knight into the hero you want him to be. Choose from among dozens of skills that adhere to the classes Priest, Wizard, Warrior, Ranger and last, but certainly not least, Dragon Slayer. It is possible to specialize in one or the other of these classes, yet there is no restriction in your character's progress and you may follow your own path. If you want, you can specialize in close combat and learn necromantic powers to invoke powerful creatures. Or become a dreadful assassin able to disappear and throw destructive fireballs. Everything is possible… you are the one to decide which path to follow!

A total of over 100 hours of gameplay and more than 180 original quests await you in this epic role-playing game. Embrace the Dragon Knight's destiny and annihilate the threat that looms over Rivellon!

The official website: http://www.divinity2-saga.com/

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1 n/a 14,262 n/a 2,131 16,393
2 n/a 5,751 n/a 859 6,610
3 n/a 4,231 n/a 632 4,863
4 n/a 2,218 n/a 331 2,549
5 n/a 1,763 n/a 263 2,026
6 n/a 2,315 n/a 346 2,661
7 n/a 2,689 n/a 402 3,091
8 n/a 2,549 n/a 381 2,930
9 n/a 1,955 n/a 292 2,247
10 n/a 1,288 n/a 192 1,480

Opinion (6)

Kai Master posted 10/12/2011, 08:42
I don't understand, i just bought this game used in france and sales data = 1,740 in Europe : WTF ?
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Harthacnut posted 13/10/2011, 12:03
Surprisingly good game, shame about the poor sales certainly derserves to do better.
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Recon1O1 posted 21/05/2011, 01:12
pots 555 + 1. The most enjoyable euro rpg on 360 imo. I had no trouble getting 1k gs from the original version. Not bragging, I just wonder if pbroy played the first D2 before the patch? This version has a separate slightly different 1k available. Visuals, are improved but not cutting edge. Voicework and music are good. It lets you build your stats however you like and gives you a series of decent sandboxes to roam or fly through..The auto-save only works at plot points so save often. You will run into beasties that will kick your ass early on esp. at higher difficulties. Some of the dlc armour is free.
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Fabius posted 28/04/2011, 12:16
The Eurpeoan Sales (in germany the Game ist one or two Years at Sale)
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pots555 posted 16/04/2011, 12:37
Just pick this up. Very good value for 40$.
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pbroy posted 15/04/2011, 02:50
This game is beast. I couldn't play the original release without getting a headache. Played it for 30 minutes and wanted to vomit. Haven't played it since. This version fixes the visuals and framerate. Can't wait to dive into this game when I get more free time.
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