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08/13/91 Nintendo
11/21/90 Nintendo
04/11/92 Nintendo

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During a vacation in Dinosaur Land, Princess Toadstool gets kidnapped and a spell is cast on the inhabitants of the island. When they stumble upon Yoshi™, a young dinosaur, Mario™ and Luigi learn that Bowser is responsible for the terrible misdeeds.

Now, all Yoshis are trapped in magical eggs that Bowser has hidden throughout seven castles. Many hidden paths aid Mario in making his way to Bowser's castle, completing 74 areas and finding all 96 exits.

Discover items, including a feather that gives Mario a cape that allows him to fly, or a flower that shoots fireballs in layers upon layers of 2-D scrolling landscapes. Players can even ride Yoshi and swallow their enemies.


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AZWification posted 02/07/2013, 09:20
A MASTERPIECE. Best 2D game ever created. The amount of secrets you can discover is just amazing. A masterpiece.
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acdcste posted 06/12/2012, 01:37
In my personal opinion, this, along with final fantasy 7 are the two finest games ever made.
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S.Peelman posted 12/08/2012, 03:15
Actually find this one of the lesser 2D Mario's. Okay, it's legacy is undebatable, but I found Yoshi's Island to be way superior in every way.
Super Mario Bros. 1 and 3 are also better. Even New Super Mario Bros. has given me more fun. But I'm more a 3D Mario guy anyway.
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Hibern81 posted 23/06/2012, 07:53
I remember the first time I played this one! The graphics blew me away!
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BasilZero posted 31/01/2012, 12:27
oops, well its the same score I gave to the snes version >.
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BasilZero posted 31/01/2012, 12:26
One of Nintendo's old classics is back on the Gameboy advance, pretty much a enhanced port of the classical Super Mario World from the Super Nintendo era, Nintendo added a few new things such as a minor palette changes, retuned audio, and a few changes to the storyline such as a new opening. This game is still a classic and its better even with the enhancements, keeping to the original gameplay formula of the 2D mario series. 9.3/10
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