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02/01/06 Playlogic Game Factory

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The challenge is global, the challenge is fast, the challenge is control....

By 2078, mankind's quest for industrial supremacy has permanently altered the earth's climate. CO2 emissions peaked in the '40s, and fossil fuel reserves ran out soon after.

The effects were disastrous. Little remains of the polar icecaps, ocean levels have risen dramatically, and whole countries have been submerged. Rapid environmental change has created extreme weather patterns. Scorching droughts persist for years in some areas, while in others torrential rain never stops. The only global constant is the wind, whose velocity has increased to previously unimaginable speeds.

Mankind has adapted to these changes like only mankind can. Wind is now the main source of energy, and people have created new means of transport - advanced wind-propelled vehicles driven forward by the relentless gales.

Twenty years ago a new sport emerged, blending spectacular action with spellbinding speed and breathtaking skill. The International Racing League is now the ultimate in competition, watched by millions across the globe.

Racing across exotic locations, contestants must master sail trim, hard cornering and evasive maneuvers if they are to become world champion. A varied selection of professionals - from a sexy Russian daredevil to a lunatic Scottish brute - ride customized machines perfectly tuned for maximum performance.

The harbor city of Paris, the rice fields of China, the rich landscapes of Brazil and many other stunning locations all host the Cyclone Circus - the ultimate competitors in the toughest race on earth. The challenge is global, the challenge is fast, the challenge is control....

Combining high-speed action with realistic natural dynamics, Cyclone Circus is an arcade racing game that takes you from start to finish in scintillating style.


* Perfect the trim of your vehicles sail to get the speed you need to overtake your opponents

* Ten different characters each with their own vehicle and their own specific stunts!

* Get to first place and experience the full soundtrack and new, added rumble effects synched to the music!

* Cyclone Circus features nine different races, with multiple routes and shortcuts!

* Eight trick levels, with extreme ramps and special fly routes.

* Each track features its own beautifully designed graphics and style that make Cyclone Circus unique and fun!

* Unlock tons of extra artwork and other cool extra's in the game.


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