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11/30/99 Monolith Productions
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Odium leads players into a complex plot filled with veiled agendas and hidden conspiracies based on professed real-world occurrences. Players assume the role of NATO investigator Cole Sullivan, and control up to 3 other members in their party, each with unique attributes to aid in the investigation. Inside this dark environment lie in wait over 40 unique "abominations," ready to help Sullivan and his crew in their quest or crush them into a disgusting pulp. In your role as Sullivan, you have tracked down a Russian, covert-operative training facility. An exact replica of a typical U.S. city, down to the smallest detail, this "secret city" had been assumed abandoned since the end of the cold war. Nonetheless, your team has recently received disturbing reports of a grisly nature. Your mission? Peel back the layers of mystery and reveal the hideous truth in Odium.

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