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11/30/96 Panasonic Interactive Media
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They're pink, they're soft, they're fun to play with! Baldies is an addictive, real-time warfare challenge that takes place in five different worlds, Green, Winter, Eqypt, Tourist and Hell, with 100 different levels of fast, funny and furious adventures against the enemy Hairies. Players determine the future of their Baldies by selecting their careers as Worker/Breeders, Scientists, Soldiers or Builders. As the Baldie population thrives, players develop and implement hilarious battle strategies to wipe out the cunning and ruthless Hairie population, such as dropping a Skunk Bomb onto the roof of an enemy house and watching them run outside into a field of land mines. When installed on a network, up to four players can compete against each other in a wild, winner-takes-all Baldies brawl.

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