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07/27/09 Telltale Games
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07/31/09 Telltale Games

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Join Guybrush Threepwood, Mighty Pirate, in this first chapter of an epic 5-part saga, filled with humor, romance and piratey swashbuckling. When a showdown with the demon pirate LeChuck goes up in flames, Guybrush gets marooned on a strange island. How will he escape? Where is Guybrush's beloved wife, Elaine? And what’s up with the voodoo pox spreading through the isles? Jump into Tales of Monkey Island today to find out!

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famousringo posted 13/08/2009, 03:30
It really helps you enjoy this game if you turn down the music and sound effects so you can hear the voices.

As for the lag, I'm used to sloppy Wii programming from Telltale by now. It's not game breaking, and it's better than no support at all.
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bazmeistergen posted 09/08/2009, 07:53
It's still a good game if a little squeezed into the imposed memory limit.
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uno posted 03/08/2009, 12:47
it is a bit rough. Here's hoping they get it better on the next chapters.
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kazadoom posted 31/07/2009, 02:05
Very frustrated at the sloppy programming on the Wii side. The frame rate is terrible and the textures are soo blurry. I will try to fight through this title.
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