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12/10/03 Matrix Games
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A Bridge Too Far...

Septembeer 1944, General Montgomery mounts the most daring Allied offensive of WW2. The plan is ambitious. Drop thirty thousand airbourne troops deep behind enemy lines, seize the vital bridges across the Rhine, secure the highway to the Reich, advance the Allied armies into the German heartland and end the war by Christmas. Take command and with the aid of the world's most advanced wargame engine fight the battle and change history.

The Airbourne Assault game engine revolutionizes wargaming. Its pausable, continuous time game play, the most advanced artificial intelligence of any wargame, powerful and intuitive user interface and unique command system provide the most realistic and enjoyable simulation of operational warfare.

Command like a real General, under real time pressures to achieve real objectives on a real map all within the fog of war. Issue orders to your powerful AI controlled subordinates or take total control of every unit. Fight the worlds most advanced AI opponent or match wits against your friends online or over a LAN.

Lead Parachute Regiments in daring assaults to seize vital bridges, send mighty Armored Divisions into the attack and wield entire Infantry Corps in a race against time. Reshape history in one of the many historical battles covering all major actions of the Market Garden operation or salvage victory from disaster in one of the hypothetical "what-if" encounters.

Create your own maps with the Map Maker utility. You can modify an existing scenario or design your own battle using the Scenario Maker utility.

Features include:

  • Stunning graphics, including new customizable map textures.
  • Battles covering all of Operation Market Garden including Nijmegen, Eindhoven and Neerpelt.
  • Detailed Order of Battle covering all forces that participated down to the company level.
  • Enhanced user interface, including in-game briefings, intel filter, sound control and auto-save.
  • Advanced AI and much more.

...or Home by Christmas



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