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07/31/98 Interactive Magic
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11/30/99 Midas Interactive Entertainment

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Vangers is adventure. It's wild races, weird rituals, fights, puzzles and a bit of RPG. But the biggest part of Vangers is something that can't be ranged in a particular genre-exploring the world. Vangers gives the player a unique chance to see a world where legends and tales are all that's left of the human race. Not only see it, but also be a part of it. The Vanger's home is a mechos, and the main goal is survival. Vangers means freedom. Freedom of choice, freedom of intentions, freedom of morals and conscience. From the outset, this weird world will encourage you to do some little things, then something bigger and odder. Every character in the game has their own goals and ways. Every world of the Lost Chain hides surprises. These are parts of some supernatural mystery, or maybe joke of some higher powers. The Vanger will be involved in hold-ups, encounter hired guns, stumble over annoying raffas that always get on the way, and watch discreet couriers passing by. Live rocks will cross the road, and mushrooms and stinkers will try to get their bit off your life. And whatever happens, beebs will crackle under your wheels, adding to your cash.

For those who want to condition themselves to be a better Vanger and those who has irrevocably converted into a Vanger, the game offers more joy and fun: multiplayer. Vangers supports multiplayer game over Internet or local network with up to 32 players. There are three modes of multiplayer: Van War (deathmatch), Mechosoma (trade + race) and Passemblos (race through checkpoints on different worlds).

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