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03/16/06 Ubisoft
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02/24/06 Ubisoft

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The year is 1582. Amidst the burning ruins of the Honnoji Temple stands the famous Onimusha™ warrior Samanosuke Akechi.
Though surrounded by countless Genma demons, Samanosuke is compelled to fight on by hatred for his true enemy, the evil Nobunaga.
The long-awaited final battle looms close...

Cut to the year 2004. Policeman Jacques Blanc stares on in horror as the once peaceful Paris is suddenly transformed into a nightmarish nest of Genma demons who are slaughtering civilians and soldiers one by one. Within this nightmare appears one man; a man who stands up against the evil tide of monsters.

Why has Samanosuke suddenly appeared in modern day Paris and Jacques in feudal Japan? What fate awaits these two men?


  • Internationally acclaimed film star Jean Reno (Léon, Mission: Impossible, Ronin) plays Jacques Blanc, the French cop caught in the middle of a horrific attack upon Paris. Takeshi Kaneshiro (House of the Flying Daggers) returns as Akechi Samanosuke, the original Onimusha™ warrior who continues his campaign against his arch enemy, the evil Nobunaga.
  • Known for the outstanding quality of the opening movies, the sequences in Onimusha™ 3 have been pushed to a new level. Capcom has enlisted the talents of Hong Kong action star and director Donnie Yen (Blade II) as the CG action director. Also returning to the Onimusha™ project is ROBOT, the company responsible for making all of the previous Onimusha opening movies, as well as Yamazaki Takeshi, the CG movie director. Onimusha™ 3 is a collaboration of several talented people and they have delivered a masterpiece that rivals even the biggest blockbuster movies.

Onimusha™ 3 introduces a ‘dual hero’ gameplay system that offers two very different kinds of action to the player; allowing them unique ways to enjoy the game and experience two very different styles of excitement and adventure.

Source: ubi.com

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