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Cooking Mama 2: World Kitchen

Cooking Mama 2 Taihen!! Mama wa Ooisogashi!

クッキングママ2 たいへん!! ママは おおいそがし!


Cooking Mama Limited



Release Dates

11/18/08 Majesco
12/11/08 Taito
02/06/09 505 Games

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Mama is still cookin'! In her Wii sequel, Mama brings a lot more to the table, including all new 3D graphics, new recipes, comedic kitchen minigames, new gameplay modes and much more!

  • The Wii Remote is your universal cooking utensil, putting you in total control of the cooking action as you chop, grate, slice, stir, roll and much more! Hold and point it in many different ways depending on the task to get the real sensation of cooking in a kitchen!
  • Mama and friends look glorious in all new 3D graphics!
  • More than 50 all new recipes including: parfait, French fries/Onion Rings, Nestle Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies, Ratatouille, pancakes, boiled flounder and many more
  • New gameplay mechanic integrates Wii Remote utensil play with additional rhythm and motion that makes cooking easier and more enjoyable
  • Game modes include:
  • Cook with Mama: Learn the kitchen basics under Mama's watchful eye while earning gold, silver and bronze medals based on the quality of your cooking
  • Let's Cook: New! Share your prepared meals with Mama's finicky friends who will judge the quality of your cooking
  • Cooking Contest: New! Team up with a real or in game friend to prepare ingredients in the new cooperative play mode.
  • New kitchen surprises in the form of comedic mini-games (i.e. flip a burger up in the air and Mama's dog will run in and snatch it away; toss a pancake and control Mama as she runs in to save it with an apron catch)
  • A special bonus mode lets you take on the original "master chef" head-to-head once you complete all 51 recipes
  • Save these surprise animations in an album you can review after gameplay. You can even choose to replay kitchen mini-games by selecting them here.
  • Customize your chef's hairstyle and outfit before play. You can even create a mini-Mama!
  • Real-time effects make you feel like you're actually cooking. Adjust your timing and make decisions about your next course of action based on what you see on screen (i.e. if food is starting to look burned, quickly remove it from the burner, etc.).

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MonstaMack posted 12/04/2009, 04:47
Already down to $30 MRSP. Well I hope it has legs now :P
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MonstaMack posted 13/12/2008, 11:34
The first weeks of the first Wii one didn't exactly sell well to begin with either. It will have legs.
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