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09/08/08 2K Sports
04/29/09 Spike
09/12/08 2K Sports

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Pick-Up-And-Play Controls – Fans asked and 2K Sports answered with easy-to-learn controls that still provide depth for the season veteran. With 2K Sports' classic default controls, a player’s first game will be as enjoyable as their one-thousandth, while the new and intuitive hybrid controls will provide the depth experienced vets are looking for.

Enhanced Gameplay - An updated arsenal of highlight reel-worthy superstar moves, blocked shots, stick-handling moves, hit-by-puck collisions, and a greatly-enhanced skating engine make up for an exciting and all-new hockey experience complete with more than 1,400 new gameplay animations.

All-New Presentation System – Pre-game intros, menus, new crowd animations, game summary replays, and brand new commentary featuring Randy Hahn and Drew Remenda of the San Jose Sharks bring a fresh new look and sound to NHL 2K9’s visual and audio experience.

True Hockey Fun! – Fans can indulge in what makes hockey such a unique and fun sport with the addictive Zamboni™ mini-game, user-controlled Stanley Cup™ celebrations, playoff beards, enhanced checking and a brand-new fighting engine.

Team-Up™ With Up To 12 Consoles Online – Form a team of up to 6 separate consoles to challenge other teams made of up to 6 consoles for the first-ever NHL 12-console play!

Reel Maker™ ­2K9 ­– Included this year on both Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION3, fans will be able to save, edit, share and rate user-generated NHL 2K9 highlight reels online through Xbox Live™ and PlayStation®Network.

2K Beats – Featuring Pennywise, Bad Religion, The Offspring, NOFX, The Ramones, Inner Circle, Mastodon, Operation Ivy, High on Fire and more.



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1 n/a 5,681 n/a 1,003 6,684
2 n/a 1,907 n/a 337 2,244
3 n/a 1,544 n/a 272 1,816
4 n/a 1,334 n/a 235 1,569
5 n/a 1,230 n/a 217 1,447
6 n/a 1,224 n/a 216 1,440
7 n/a 1,174 n/a 207 1,381
8 n/a 1,143 n/a 202 1,345
9 n/a 1,070 n/a 189 1,259
10 n/a 986 n/a 174 1,160

Opinion (3)

sly777 posted 02/09/2009, 11:25
I love this game. 2k : great job and can't wait for the 2k10...
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afi77 posted 04/03/2009, 10:59
2K9 might as well stop producing this terrible series. Even the EA version of the game is only selling about 200K
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Infinity posted 15/10/2008, 07:04
This game almost sold as bad as Hail to the Chimp
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