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07/31/98 Epic Games
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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is the sequel to 1994 succesful PC action platformer Jazz Jackrabbit. It is a 2D action/platformer/shooter with a lot of humour and sarcastic references. The game was followed by several expansions, including The Secret Files and The Christmas Chronicles.

Jazz Jackrabbit, the game's namesake and protagonist, is a green, carrot-chewing rabbit carrying a variety of guns and special moves. He is characterised by his speed (reminiscent of Sonic), green fur, and especially the ability to use firearms - something which is not often seen in platformers of this nature. In Jazz Jackrabbit 2, funky Jazz sees himself accompanied by his looney brother Spaz, who is even crazier than Jazz and always ready to blow things up. Players can choose between both characters, and they both have their own special abilities (there are several areas in the game which are only accesible with one character's abilities).

Essentially, the game is a side-scrolling 2D platformer in which the player has to reach the end of the level, meanwhile shooting bad guys and collecting goodies. One of the game's unique selling points is its relatively huge array of weapons. Aside from their infinite-ammo Blaster, Jazz & Spaz can shoot ice cubes, launch missiles, attack with pepperspray, boobytrap the stage with TNT, and much more. Ammo and upgrades for these weapons can be found along the way.

Aside from these weapons, there's also food, shields, health, and a variety of other upgrades to find. But the game doesn't end with collecting just that. To sharp players, a variety of hidden levels can be found. Do not expect to find these on a normal playthrough - they are called 'hidden' for a reason. Aside from the normal story mode levels, there is also a packed-in level editor which players can use to build their own levels, and some custom stages which stand on their own.

JJ2 also had a multiplayer mode, allowing players to play the entire adventure in co-op, or compete in the following modes in splitscreen or network play:

  • Race
  • Battle
  • Capture the Flag
  • Treasure

Several hidden stages were found packed with the game without being accessible from any in-game location: it is likely that these were unfinished stages not intended for release.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a unique platforming game which is an absolute joy to play. The game looked good for its time, had various things other games had not, and allowed for extremely fun playing sessions, either on your own or competing with a friend. Ask anyone who played it at the time, and they will agree that this is one of PC gaming's forgotten classics.

-Courtesy of T013

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zexen_lowe posted 24/06/2008, 06:44
Brings back some memories. I remember that I liked playing with the red rabbit more than with Jazz (Spaz, wasn't it called?)
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T013 posted 23/06/2008, 09:31
For all those wondering (which is probably not much) I will add boxart and screenshots for the game very soon - can't do it right now.
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T013 posted 23/06/2008, 09:30
A fantastic platformer which holds a lot of good memories for me. I can't work out just where this should rank in my list of best games ever, but I know it's HIGH.
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StarcraftManiac posted 23/06/2008, 06:28
Yeey! Great game!
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