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06/08/98 Enlight
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11/30/99 Midas Interactive Entertainment

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Enter the world of Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries, a world of intrigue and diplomacy, of trade, conquest, and espionage. Seven Kingdoms is a real-time game of epic strategy and empire building. Players compete against up to six AI opponents or other players for control of land, trade, and peasants. Combining the intuitive interface design of a real-time strategy game with the depth and variety of a traditional game of empire building, Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries offers a strategic gaming experience like no other. Take control of any of seven emerging kingdoms, dividing among themselves the rule of all the lands and their many peoples: the Chinese, Persians, Japanese, Greeks, Normans, Vikings, Mayans, Indians, Zulu, and Egyptians. Begin with a single village under your command and an entire world to be conquered by force of arms, by guile and persuasion, or by whatever other means you choose. Wage open warfare on your rivals, or forge alliances with them. Send spies to infiltrate their ranks, or hold your spies back to guard against your enemies' prying eyes. Mine ore and manufacture goods, then build markets and establish trade routes to bring gold flowing into your coffers. Have your scientists research new weapons of war, or turn from science to the mystic arts, and seek the ultimate power: the ability to summon the aid of the gods. All these choices and more are yours to make.

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