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You are an adventurer, and your quest for the Sword of Saros has brought you to the maze-like dungeons of an evil wizard.  The wizard knows you are there, and he and his giant tracker bat pursue you relentlessly.  If the wizard catches you, he will send deadly skeletons to attach you.

There are seven levels to the dungeon, and on each level there are eight rooms.  The rooms contain treasures which are guarded by evil monsters.  some of the treasures are magical items that you can use.  Much of the treasures is gold with which you can bribe the monsters on the final level.

In one of the rooms on each level you will find doors to which you need keys to pass through.  Behind one door is a piece of the sword you need, and it will magically teleport you to the next level.  Treasures lie behind the doors.

On the final level of the dungeon, the rooms contain only open doors.  One of these doors will provide your escape--all you have to do is find the right door.  The monsters there will leave you alone as long as you have as least 100 gold pieces, and they will take that amount from you as payment for each door tried.

When your adventure is over, you will be given a rank.  The highest ranking is WIZARD.


(credit: Starpath; direct excerpt from original game instructions)

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