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02/18/94 Virgin Interactive
02/18/94 Virgin Interactive
01/01/94 Virgin Interactive

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Charge, blast and hurdle through this fun and frantic adventure without losing your cool - or your shades!

As COOL SPOT, you'll stop at nothing to rescue your SPOT buddies when they get snatched by powers uncool!

Shoot the curl, get loco on a runaway train, and whip through a stomach-dropping rollercoaster ride in a carbonated quist to chill out your foes!

  • 11 levels of side-splitting fun plus 6 bubble-bashing bonus rounds!
  • In-your-face obstacles, tricky maneuvers and 360 Degree Cool Shot fire range!
  • Graphics so hot -- you'll need your own shades!
  • High-energy music jams with hair-raising (bald red fellows excluded) sound effects and back-talking digitized speech!
  • Hundreds of outrageous foes! Watch SPOT give cheese-slinging mice, slime balls, crabby beach critters and toy train desperadoes the deep freeze!

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NO WAY! Your Cool SPOT chums are locked away! YES AWAY! You, as Cool SPOT are here to save the day! Quit gawping over the dreamy scenery, the awesome animation and most savoury sound around. Play! man, this is the hairiest...

Was??? Die Kumpel von Cool SPOT sind im Knast gelandet! Nur nicht verzagen! Cool SPOT ist gekommen, um sie da rauszuholen! Nur hör endlich auf, über die verträumte Landschaft, die atemberaubenden Animationen und die irren Hintergrundgeräusche zu staunen. Ran ans Spiel! Junge, jetzt geht's rund...

  • Levels: 11 (Plus 5 Bonus Rounds)
  • Players: 1
  • Peripherals: Sega Control Pad or Control Stick

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