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09/20/91 Sunsoft
11/19/92 Sunsoft

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Join Bop Louie as he searches for this three friends -Shades, Freeon Leon and Gil- to help him complete his mad scramble. It won't be easy. Brain-boggling mazes, traps and bizarre pitfalls stand in your way back to Ufouria.

You'll rely on your friends to survive in this strange, changing world. But beware. You better have the right powers for the strange worlds you'll encounter… or you lose. As you make your trek through mystical forests, deserts and oceans, you'll need to seek out and destroy monstrous creatures every step of the way. Will you have the right powers at the right time?

Don't let the mind-zapping colors and stupefying sound effects throw you off. Remember-it's only a game.


Source: box of the game.

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Beoulve posted 06/03/2009, 10:05
My favorite game on the NES. I hate myself for trading this away for SMB2 and Star Wars back in the day! >_<
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