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acdcste posted 24/12/2011, 11:06
Yeah this one is going to be huge for the 3DS. Great idea releasing it in December as well. Should be near the 4m mark next week.
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Pavolink posted 24/12/2011, 03:14
Almost 3M!?! Lord of all Sales, this is amazing.
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NintendoFanDj posted 24/12/2011, 01:21
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acdcste posted 23/12/2011, 11:41
Nolsinkler you talk rubbish my friend. Its been out two weeks. Thats two weeks.
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NintendoPie posted 22/12/2011, 10:48
Woh woh woh, I was just saying. Calm yourself, it's just supposed to be a stupid joke thing.
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megaman79 posted 22/12/2011, 03:44
@NolSinkler, so why on earth are you making ridiculous statements like "the seventh-best-selling MK game ever", when its only been 2 weeks? Granted, maybe your critisizms of Skyward Sword are valid, but seriously dude? Its Mario Kart.
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NolSinkler posted 21/12/2011, 10:01
...I hope you understand that it's no accomplishment for Mario Kart 7, the seventh iteration of Mario Kart, to also be the seventh-best-selling Mario Kart game ever. But it is selling well.
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NintendoPie posted 21/12/2011, 01:32
Mario Kart 7 at #7 position out of all MK games. Hope it will be #1 soon! :D
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dsage01 posted 21/12/2011, 01:08
Really great sales. I hope the game as as good as the great sales
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NintendoFanDj posted 20/12/2011, 07:07
5 days remains to blow sales out
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NintendoPie posted 20/12/2011, 01:29
Already a Million in America and pretty close in Japan, too!
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acdcste posted 19/12/2011, 09:00
Yeah the sales for this game are going to be massive, and this is considering that the 3DS userbase is only at 11m at the moment.
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radishhead posted 19/12/2011, 06:15
Funny thing is, 2 million is a great number for almost any other franchise - this game is just going to keep growing though. To those reading this in a year or two time, yes- there was a time when this game had only sold 2 million xD
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Sherlock99 posted 19/12/2011, 02:32
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Sherlock99 posted 19/12/2011, 02:31
resident evil 3d
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sethnintendo posted 19/12/2011, 03:19
Push the sales to the limit.. Limit!!!!
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NintendoFanDj posted 17/12/2011, 01:10
OMG this is gonna sell more than 30 million copies making 3DS the fastest selling game system.
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ljlrj posted 17/12/2011, 01:23
in 2 weeks it catch up to mario land 3ds xD wow
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acdcste posted 16/12/2011, 09:05
By far and away Nintendo's biggest gun, as the sales show. Other games will do well but nothing sells like a Mario Kart title. I would not be surprised to see this pass the 3m mark next week.
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pezus posted 16/12/2011, 07:15
Did I say it makes me happy? No...just pointing out how fast it was selling
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shadowii posted 16/12/2011, 05:13
@pezuz and thats makes you happy because?
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pezus posted 16/12/2011, 12:44
Already ahead of Zelda (SS)
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Chris Hu posted 16/12/2011, 03:18
It's more then exellent legs in Europe when you sell more copies in the second week compared to the first week that's a really rare feat.
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paixtis posted 15/12/2011, 02:16
what is extrapolated in global total??
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paixtis posted 15/12/2011, 02:16
what is extrapolated in global total??
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Salnax posted 15/12/2011, 02:09
Excellent legs in Europe.
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Christian973 posted 15/12/2011, 01:07
This game will have long long legs
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miqdadi posted 14/12/2011, 09:56
let's monitor how much it will sell 20m maybe or above
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*Yoshi* posted 13/12/2011, 08:28
One of the 759,703 copy is mine :D!
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NintendoPie posted 13/12/2011, 08:00
Wow US sales are crazy! US sales alone outsold Europe+Japan's first week =D
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acdcste posted 13/12/2011, 07:36
Very impressive US sales. Going to be the best selling 3DS game by a mile.
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Last_Dream posted 13/12/2011, 07:12
Looks like Nintendo "act of emergency" for 3DS is succeed...
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dark_gh0st_b0y posted 13/12/2011, 03:08
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kleinanzeigen posted 13/12/2011, 02:03
30 MIO 2013 ^^
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kopstudent89 posted 13/12/2011, 12:52
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Salnax posted 13/12/2011, 12:51
Dyamn at those American sales! First 3DS game to sell a million in a week.
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acdcste posted 12/12/2011, 02:04
Yeah definitely the best game on the 3ds so far. Should be around 1.5m mark after this weeks numbers are up.
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Bitfreak posted 12/12/2011, 01:55
Seven hundred races online and still going! Unpredictable online gives this game so much replay value :)
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freddy1403 posted 11/12/2011, 07:57
great game!!!
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*Yoshi* posted 11/12/2011, 02:10
Can't stop to play Mario Kart 7. The best game of 3DS!
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Christian973 posted 11/12/2011, 09:10
lol Mario Kart truly is a Juggernaut. Holy crap!
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Solid-Stark posted 11/12/2011, 08:54
Should do 1m first week
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acdcste posted 09/12/2011, 08:16
Really good sales. Expect this to be pushing the 1.5 mark with US sales factored in next week.
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NintendoPie posted 09/12/2011, 08:02
Wow AMZING sales Japan! Keep it up :D
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Michael-5 posted 09/12/2011, 10:01
Japan sales are up already, but not on the main page. Click games to see totals up to Dec 3rd for any game.
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kleinanzeigen posted 05/12/2011, 08:26
No Challenge Mode- No VS Mode - But the best Mario Kart ever !
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d21lewis posted 05/12/2011, 04:38
Training. I must become a Super Saiyan.
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Michael-5 posted 05/12/2011, 09:18
Week 1 sales appear to be twice as large as Mario Kart DS for Japan. That's amazing, finally a 3DS game with garenteed strong sales
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thetonestarr posted 04/12/2011, 07:53
Doesn't play as fantastically as Mario Kart DS, IMO, but it definitely seems to be helping set up the tradition of Mario Kart titles being best on handhelds.
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shawn1995 posted 04/12/2011, 02:41
The multiplayer mode is awesome,but the single player modes are poor.I cannot imagne a race game without vs mode.
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kopstudent89 posted 03/12/2011, 01:38
I'm getting it today ^.^
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KingEidilleg posted 30/11/2011, 11:21
Just bought it ! Great game so far
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d21lewis posted 29/11/2011, 01:40
When this title drops, I will finally have every game I wanted to grab in 2011. Looks f'n awesome!! Anybody that wants to face me online, look forward to hearing the phrase, "I'm Luigi, number one!"
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NintendoPie posted 27/11/2011, 01:33
Unlike some people I love the name! It's simple and nice. Plus the Pre-Order sales are doing better than the first week sales of Mario Kart DS ^_^
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NintendoFanDj posted 14/11/2011, 07:26
@Michael-5 Yes, they are keeping Mario Kart 7 because it's the seventh Mario Kart game and as well as the new item the Lucky 7 that give you seven Item. Mario Kart 3DS will leave some confusing with Mario Kart DS. Just like Super Mario 3D Land while ago people named it Super Mario Land 3D which will be confuse with Super Mario Land.
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Michael-5 posted 06/10/2011, 01:41
Are they sticking with the name, Mario Kart 7? Guess it's better then Mario Kart 3DS. This will be one of 3DS's best selling games lifetime.
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spurgeonryan posted 13/08/2011, 04:06
This game is going to be crazy! One of many that I was excited for after watching G4 at E3
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killeryoshis posted 05/08/2011, 06:04
I still find the name hilarious XD MArio kart 7? Where is mario kart 1 through 6?
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cromeros posted 30/07/2011, 03:54
Mario Kart 7... EPIC NAME!!!... :)
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As of: June 30th, 2019

Opinion (159)

p0isonparadise posted 06/03/2018, 02:43
16.76 million by the end of 2017 according to Nintendo. Officially the best-selling 3DS game.
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PortisheadBiscuit posted 31/12/2017, 05:10
Crazy legs
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Salnax posted 16/08/2017, 04:25
MK7 has the fortune of continually being part of various deals. You have those XL bundles in 2012, 2DS bundles in 2013 and 2014, a straight price cut in 2014, and indirect price cuts for the hardware its bundled with.

This will keep on selling so long as the 3DS is suppported in stores.
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NintendoPie posted 04/05/2017, 06:49
Yes, quite undertracked.
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bulla posted 30/04/2017, 01:35
It's at 15.22m according to this

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Luke888 posted 03/02/2017, 06:27
Why is this still charting :'''''D
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