Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 4.66m
Platform: Wii U
Developer: Nintendo EAD Genre: Shooter

Comments (186)

curl-6 (on 19 February 2017)
I still think it can make it, yes.
fedfed (on 27 January 2017)
5 mil still possible you think?
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 15 December 2016)
God this game is just awesome. Nintendo, please support more new IPS!
Nautilus (on 22 October 2016)
With the Switch version, assuming its a port, Splatoon is easily going to get more 3 or 4 million sales.
curl-6 (on 09 September 2016)
With 6 months til NX, including a holiday season, 5 million is practically in the bag
Munchies (on 26 August 2016)
I haven't bought this yet.
Luke888 (on 08 August 2016)
15k in Japan after a year and two months...
Nuvendil (on 07 August 2016)
I mean 500k, my bad :P
Nuvendil (on 07 August 2016)
Not sure if you all noticed but Splatoon is now just 50k behind Titanfal's TOTAL sales. So it passed the 360, passed the One, now it looks to pass them all. Crazy.
Ryng_Tolu (on 28 May 2016)
Happy birthday. :)
BayonettaHair (on 22 May 2016)
One more week. The day is coming.
KungKras (on 11 May 2016)
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Zach808 (on 28 April 2016)
4.34 million. Looks like passing 5 million is definitely possible. I would never have guessed this would sell that much originally. If the NX is a successful console I could see a sequel doing COD numbers.
Proxy-Pie (on 08 April 2016)
Damn, I didn't realize it was past 4m. Definitely gonna have a sequel lol.
Ryng_Tolu (on 06 April 2016)
By end of 2015, Nintendo sold 4.06 million, VGC has Splatoon at 4,035,000.
25,000 unit is of course toooooo low. we already know in many region digital sales are huge, and of course, some copies are in the store, and not sold to consumer.

Now VGC has the game at 4.30m. I believe Nintendo should easy ship another 400K, most likely more.

4.5 million by end of March seem about right. So, difference between Nintendo and VGC should be 200k or so. Still overtracked, but with this trend the numbers should start looks at least realistic by September 2016, if VGC countinue to undertrack Splatoon.

I don't get why GVC just don't adjust the numbers in 2015, but oh well...
OneKartVita (on 01 April 2016)
Cool. I only said it when the guy was celebrating a milestone it hasn't hit yet. I've said the game is selling very well numerous times. Don't give out to be for providing the correct info while I'm at it.
Goodnightmoon (on 01 April 2016)
Onekartvita, Its less than a 10% overtrackment, wich is considered very good for an estimation, wich is what VGC does, but of course you feel the need to come here and say is overtracked everytime you can. We all know you already.
OneKartVita (on 31 March 2016)
Nintendo says shipped not sold and that includes digital which isn't tracked on here. The Vgchartz retail numbers are overtracked. That's all I'm saying. The game is selling great though. Already in the Wii U top 5!
Gamemaster87 (on 20 March 2016)
Where the heck are the sales overtracked? Nintendo said it sold 4 million units until December 31st, 2015. Vgchartz also says that it sold 4 million units in 2015. It's not overtracked in the slightest.
Ryng_Tolu (on 19 March 2016)
I predict over 7 million lifetime. And i also think that's conservate, honestly...
Ljink96 (on 18 March 2016)
The Vita kid needs to go home. He feels like he has to whiz on any accomplishment Nintendo makes. Get over it, it's selling well.
OneKartVita (on 17 March 2016)
The sales are good but you can't have people celebrating numbers that official figures disagree with.
Darwinianevolution (on 10 March 2016)
Well, this is going to outsell NintendoLand soon, if it hasn't already. You don't kid with the squid.
iceland (on 10 March 2016)
Slightly overtracked but VGC did pretty well. Good sales either way
Goodnightmoon (on 09 March 2016)
Onekartvita, you really have to come here to say the game is overtracked as amny times as you can, dont you? even when we are talking about a 5% overtrackment, something completely insignificant, VGC is very on point with Europe sales.
OneKartVita (on 09 March 2016)
Nintendo just announced 1m sold in euro. Considering Vgchartz don't track digital it's a bit over tracked in that region too.
Ryng_Tolu (on 09 March 2016)

VGC know that lifetime sales by end of 2015 are overtracked, but VGC has not adjusted it for... Some reasons...

But since they know it's overtracked, they are now completely undertracked the weely sales, so at some points they will be spot on.

Wait for the Nintendo quarter report on April, and you will see if Splatoon is really "slowing down". ;)
OneKartVita (on 05 March 2016)
Sales slowing down now. but it's still ahead of Halo 5. Have Vgchartz adjusted the sales down yet to match official numbers?
SpokenTruth (on 24 February 2016)
NPD doesn't track bundles. Why must you overtrackers forget this?
Goodnightmoon (on 23 February 2016)
@OneKartVita That's less than a 10% of difference, how is that a "Well off" traking? It's pretty accurate for VGC.
tbone51 (on 10 February 2016)
80k a month? Looks at Japan, sold around 70k alone..... Nah 80k a month maybe starting Apr :p
OneKartVita (on 09 February 2016)
Yeah tone probably around 3.7m sold through (is that retail plus digital?) if so then the retail tracking on here is well off.

Anyway it's selling about 80k a month from now on by the looks of it. another 1m by October?
Thunderbird77 (on 05 February 2016)
Overtracked but still above 4m. Will easily sell another 2m but probably 3m+
Gamemaster87 (on 02 February 2016)
I expect 6 million lifetime.
tbone51 (on 02 February 2016)
Official numbers over 4mil by years end! (4.06mil exactly) overtracked here by a good amount. Sold through is probably around 3.7mil though!
SlayerRondo (on 31 January 2016)
It's is the success of a game like this that gives me hope for the future of Nintendo. I hope that the NX can somehow bring Nintendo back from its current slump with 3DS falling short of the DS and the WiiU looking to be the worst selling Nintendo console of time. Good luck Nintendo.
Shikamo (on 23 January 2016)
Nuvendil (on 20 January 2016)
WOW 4mil in just a bit over 7 months. Dang. And as pointed out, NPD tracks no bundles and we know the Splatoon bundles did well so the overtracking is not as bad as it seems. But even so, dang, what a success story.
b00moscone (on 20 January 2016)
4m! Congrats!
LipeJJ (on 20 January 2016)
Congrats on reaching 4m! I may not even be completly overtracked.. if we take digital numbers, it's even undertracked in Japan, for example. :P I'm sure it's at the very least sitting at 3.5m right now.
Munchies (on 20 January 2016)
4 million!
AZWification (on 19 January 2016)
It might be overtracked, but not THAT much. That 850k number doesn't bundles and we know that the Nov bundle sold 140k. Add another 200k from May and Dec bundles and Splatoon would be at around 1.2m in the US.
OneKartVita (on 18 January 2016)
850k in USA according to NPD so it's heavily overtracked. Vgchartz doesn't track digital so keep that in mind.
AZWification (on 15 January 2016)
Splatoon is probably at round 1.2-1.4m ( probably closer to the latter) in North America if we take everything into consideration
Bofferbrauer (on 15 January 2016)
Apperently though, the NPD numbers did not include bundles. While the Splatoon bundle only came out fairly late, one could probably still add some 200-300k to these numbers. In other words, still overtracked in US, but not as much as I feared at first.
Bofferbrauer (on 15 January 2016)
@Tbone51: Looks like you where right, seems like Splatoon was overtracked by quite a lot in NA. However, I do believe Splatoon is actually undertracked in europe and rest of the world, so this might even out. We will know more when Nintendo releases it's quartal numbers by the end of the month.
Darwinianevolution (on 14 January 2016)
@tbone51 Believe in the squid.
tbone51 (on 13 January 2016)
I really want this game to succeed but I'm starting to think we got this wayyyYyyy overtracked. I'm guessing shipments+digital were to be around 3.75mil,but if VGC got this correct were looking at 4.8mil-5mil from nintendo. Well we'll know soon enough. NPD tomorrow, Splatoon is easily over 1mil in the us
SpokenTruth (on 12 January 2016)
Mr. Puglsy, Splatoon got bundled after Halo 5 got bundled.
Mr Puggsly (on 11 January 2016)
@OneKartVita - Halo 5 didn't have the same mass bundling, Halo 5 was released later in the year, AND we don't know the digital numbers of Halo 5.

But hey, Splatoon is still hit but Halo 5 MIGHT be ahead in overall sales.
LipeJJ (on 11 January 2016)
It's definitely above 4m physically by now, which is extremely impressive. I guess 5m is a pretty safe bet at this point.
OneKartVita (on 11 January 2016)
Stretched it's lead over Halo 5 this week! Top selling exclusive shooter of the year
Munchies (on 11 January 2016)
70k more until 4 million.
SpokenTruth (on 11 January 2016)
2 weeks away from passing MK8 in Japan.
Munchies (on 10 January 2016)
Easily coming for 5 million.
b00moscone (on 08 January 2016)
At this rate, it could sell 4+ million before the years end, very impressive!
Zach808 (on 07 January 2016)
Another week of increasing the lead over Halo 5. At this rate, the gap's never gonna close.
tbone51 (on 07 January 2016)
Anybody interested, Splatoon with known digital sales sold 1.32mil by years end in Japan. This doesn't include digital in nov+Dec.

Shipped+digital might be over 1.5mil by years end. It should be the best selling HC game this gen in Japan.
SpokenTruth (on 07 January 2016)
The best selling exclusive new IP on any platform since The Last of Us.
Salnax (on 06 January 2016)
This is now the first new series to sell a million units in Japan since Wii Party.
Munchies (on 06 January 2016)
xboxonefan (on 06 January 2016)
A million in japan
LipeJJ (on 06 January 2016)
Damn, Splatoon is outselling Halo 5 despite releasing back in May/June.
SpokenTruth (on 06 January 2016)
Yep. Just updated and it's now at 3.7 million. Wow.
Machina (on 06 January 2016)
Takes time for the figures to filter out to individual game pages.
SpokenTruth (on 06 January 2016)
Whoa. Page says 3.35 million. Global weekly chart says 3.6 million. Both claim as of Dec 19th.
Luke888 (on 01 January 2016)
@kooltrex me too, I really hope to be able to get it on NX either with a port or with BC
kooltrex (on 26 December 2015)
I predict 4.5 million lifetime. Its insane how much this sold on an 11 million userbase along with being a new IP. I hope to pick it up one day.
OneKartVita (on 21 December 2015)
It's already the 6th best selling game on wii u. The next 12 months will be fun seeing now high it can get
IamAwsome (on 20 December 2015)
They pushed the heck out of this game and it paid off.
DarkRPGamer007 (on 20 December 2015)
Maybe Nintendo will now invest in new IPS more
Junkrixx (on 20 December 2015)
LipeJJ (on 19 December 2015)
Holy cow! 3M already? This game might hit 5M+ LT indeed...
Munchies (on 19 December 2015)
3 million!
OneKartVita (on 19 December 2015)
b00moscone (on 19 December 2015)
Three million now! Congrats!
Goodnightmoon (on 19 December 2015)
3 Milions on VGC :D
Nautilus (on 17 December 2015)
@AZWification oh I didnt know.I stand corrected then
OneKartVita (on 17 December 2015)
OK so the dream lives on. Splatoon didn't outsell Halo for the month but more importantly it outsold it on black friday and the week after. So it should have better legs over the next year. It's hard to believe Nintendo is beating halo in the US. great achievement!
AZWification (on 17 December 2015)
@Nautilus I've read somewhere that Splatoon hit 1 million 2 weeks ago, but Nintendo decided to make the announcement yesterday because there was a Splatoon related event in Japan.
DolPhanTendo (on 17 December 2015)
Hey Curl- 6 still think 5 million isn't guaranteed like I say safe bet I hits 5 million
DarkRPGamer007 (on 16 December 2015)
Already hit 1m in Japan alone! Hopefully Nintendo will continue to make great new IP's like this!
SpokenTruth (on 16 December 2015)
France is undertracked by 100,000 units.

Nautilus (on 16 December 2015)
@IamAwsome actually its not undertracked.Splatoon hit 1 Million this week, and vgchartz has its sales up until 28 november, and in the last weeks Splatoon sold around 90k.So counting digital, the sales here is spot on
IamAwsome (on 16 December 2015)
Undertracked in Japan.
xifihedag (on 16 December 2015)

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Proxy-Pie (on 16 December 2015)
It's barely gonna get past the 300k mark - Some guy on the forum back when it was announced :P
FloatingWaffles (on 14 December 2015)
I love when games like Splatoon come out and blow expectations completely out of the water. Some people need to have more faith and stop assuming so quickly, such as all the comments when this was first revealed about how it would apparently bomb and sell horribly.
Redguy (on 13 December 2015)
I am betting 4mill by end of year,the rate of splatoon selling must be at least 350k each week to hit 4mill
Goodnightmoon (on 13 December 2015)
@OneKartVita you are wrong, there is no proof of this game being overtracked. VGC said it outsold the game just in Black Friday, not the whole month.
VaultDweller (on 12 December 2015)
I bet this has already passed 3m sold... Vgchartz is somewhat innacurate because of digital sales - like Super Mario Maker (1.88 in September, official Nintendo numbers VS 1.66, Vgchartz numbers in Decemeber)
VaultDweller (on 12 December 2015)
I bet this has already passed 3m sold... Vgchartz is somewhat innacurate because of digital sales - like Super Mario Maker (1.88 in September, official Nintendo numbers VS 1.66, Vgchartz numbers in Decemeber)
Bofferbrauer (on 12 December 2015)
@OneKartVita: The game outsold Halo 5, but only on Black Friday and just barely, not the whole month. The first 2 weeks of November Halo 5 outsold Splatoon by ~ 250k combined, so naturally Halo stayed on top for the month
OneKartVita (on 12 December 2015)
NPD numbers are in and I think this is being heavily overtracked in the US. if I remember correctly Vgchartz had this outselling halo in the US? well halo sold a lot more on NPD so it can't be right. Still awesome sales though and this will have great long legs.
iLikeEggs (on 11 December 2015)
On black friday, I went to Best Buy to buy Splatoon and Shovel Knight and Borderlands HC. Four parents in front of me and one dude behind me were buying splatoon, so it might have sold really well on BF.
PAOerfulone (on 11 December 2015)
What's going on here?
The front page says 2.60m.
But the global lavel says 2.41m.
And both are as of the 21st Nov.
GoldenTriforce (on 10 December 2015)
It is black Friday so it isn't absurd to have it sell 230k
Zach808 (on 10 December 2015)
Are these US numbers overtracked this week?? This game has legs, but selling almost Fallout 4 numbers seems a bit ridiculous. This is more than the US first week sales.
OneKartVita (on 09 December 2015)
According to VGChartz this outsold halo 5 in the US this week. If true. WOW.
Shadow1980 (on 09 December 2015)
Media Create has Splatoon at 861k, making it the #3 best-selling Wii U game so far in Japan. This game has some insane legs over there. It hasn't left the MC Top 10 since it came out.
LipeJJ (on 06 December 2015)
This game will definitely reach 3m this year! And it might even do it physically.
Zach808 (on 06 December 2015)
Wow, almost outsold Halo 5's week 4 in this game's 26th week. This game doesn't mess around. Almost becoming as big of a seller as Sm4sh and MK8. Completely shattered my 500k LT prediction.
Redguy (on 06 December 2015)
At the rate at it is selling,i have a feeling that it will hit 3million physical sales at the end of the year
OneKartVita (on 02 December 2015)
Got a nice boost on mediacreate this week. It's going to have a great holiday in Japan and definetely world wide!
Luke888 (on 29 November 2015)
I wonder if it already sold more than 1M in the US due to Black Friday...
Goodnightmoon (on 29 November 2015)
The inkvasion is unstoppable!
Mr Puggsly (on 28 November 2015)
So I bought Wii U on Black Friday. Primarily so I can play Bayonetta 2.

It came with this game and its surprisingly pretty damn fun. Refreshing in a similar way as Sunset Overdrive. If I can find a few games I really enjoy on Wii U, its a purchase I won't regret.
LipeJJ (on 26 November 2015)
60k this week. No one can contain it! :P
OneKartVita (on 23 November 2015)
50k this week. Beeeeeeeeeeast!! I wonder how high it will get in a week before Xmas?
curl-6 (on 21 November 2015)
If you said it'd reach 4m back before it's release, you'd be labelled crazy...
Skullwaker (on 18 November 2015)
Yay for 2m!

I'd say 4m is a really safe bet to make at this point, which is crazy. It's selling very well in all regions, especially NA and Japan. Wouldn't be surprised to see it break 3m by year's end.
LipeJJ (on 17 November 2015)
I agree... 4m is a safe bet and 5m is completely possible, but not "safe". Anyway, AMAZING sales, that's a new IP they'll probably carry on to their next systems like Mario Kart or Smash Bros. Imagine how much Splatoon 2 would sell if well made and released on a sucessful system with a good install base? Would probably do 7-10m...
curl-6 (on 17 November 2015)
@Nuvedil, agreed. I myself was skeptical it could hit 1m lifetime.
Shikamo (on 17 November 2015)
congratz 2m :)
Nuvendil (on 14 November 2015)
@curl-6 The fact that now we're talking about 4mil as the safe bet and 5mil is the more uncertain goal is crazy. I remember when 1mil was considered a longshot!
curl-6 (on 14 November 2015)
I wouldn't say 5m is a "safe" bet at all. 4m is likely, but 5m isn't guaranteed.
b00moscone (on 14 November 2015)
1.99! Should safely reach 2m in the next update
DolPhanTendo (on 07 November 2015)
It's safe to say Splatoon does 5 million lifetime
LipeJJ (on 06 November 2015)
This game just keeps selling. I wonder how it will do once the Japan bundle and maybe a western bundle arrive. 2.5m is a lock this year, it may even have a chance of reaching 3m (considering digital sales).
MotherBound (on 03 November 2015)
Splattered expectations
S.Peelman (on 30 October 2015)
Nintendo says 2.42m as of september 30.
Nuvendil (on 27 October 2015)
Well some of this is going to depend on how Nintendo handles kthe Wii U moving forward. Good word of mouth and marketing have made it one of the games many would probably pick up soon after purchasing the system. Thing is, Nintendo has to get people to buy the system. And the number one thing I hear out and about concerning Wii U is "there's some great exclusives and I've been thinking about getting one *but* the price is a bit high.". And it's not even NX doing this as I hear essentially nothing about that outside the forums and very serious communities. It's just that $300 is pricey for a 100% exclusives driven companion system. The Wii never had this issue partly because it was never that expensive, even at launch. A price cut is sorely needed and long overdue.
Zach808 (on 25 October 2015)
Maybe if Splatoon keeps up this 70-80k average every week from now until the holidays, I could see it reaching that high. I was expecting the sales to go down these past few weeks to maybe around 35k per week, but if the game's now at around 2.5 million, then that obviously isn't happening.
Nautilus (on 25 October 2015)
@Zach808 The game by now is already at around 2.5 Millions, and that number is without a Holiday season to improve its numbers.So 5.5 by the end of 2017 is really plausible, considering all factors
Zach808 (on 23 October 2015)
5.5 million? That sounds a bit overkill. Those are MK8 numbers and not much else. Unless this game gets a HUGE holiday boost, I'd say 3 million.
Ryng_Tolu (on 17 October 2015)
Splatoon is gonna sell 5,500,000 by 31 December 2017. Maybe a bit more, or maybe a bit less, but i'm pretty sure this game will be over 5 million, but under 6 million.
Meret (on 16 October 2015)
@PAOerfulone Famitsu tracks digital (in monthly reports). Splatoon is best selling game ever on Wii U eShop in Japan.
PAOerfulone (on 15 October 2015)
Nintendo had this at 1.62 as of June 30th.
Chartz had it at 1.12 as of June 27th.
It's now at 1.60, so ad .48 to 1.62, that would be 2.10 million as of August 08th.
Media Create updated their numbers and currently has this game at .71 million in Japan. That's another .18 added to the .53 that Chartz has it now.
So now it's 2.28.
I'm going to just take a completely wild guess and say this game added another .24 in N. America and Europe between August 8th and now.
Which would put it at 2.52 million. All of this is not including whatever additional digital sales that were added. Because neither VGChartz or Media Create tracks digital.
So I think there's a very strong chance that this game may have already cracked 3 million!!
marsoRa200 (on 08 October 2015)
@Teeqoz if your talking about NPD numbers, well that is no proof, NPD never gets right about nintendo games, for example: bayonetta 2,Npd said that it only has 200k+ sold in the us, when in preorders it had almost 100k (not from vgc numbers) so don't believe them
Jranation (on 28 September 2015)
im guessing this is already @ 2mil+ If we count digital as well. Because according to this http://www.nintendo.co.jp/ir/en/sales/software/wiiu.html It sold 1.6m+ in its first month. We could even say it nearly 3mil .
Teeqoz (on 17 September 2015)
Undertracked worldwide, overtracked in the US.
b00moscone (on 13 September 2015)
I reckon that after the post-Christmas drop it will maintain a 40k per week, looking at its legs right now.

But who knows, it might be even higher :P
garretslarrity (on 11 September 2015)
It looks like sales have stopped falling. I'm curious to see how this plays out.
Skullwaker (on 11 September 2015)
@MatrosRx in physical sales, definitely. It was at 1.6m shipped+digital at the end of June, so it's very likely over 2m shipped+digital now.
MatrosRx (on 10 September 2015)
Well we now know that at the end of August both Japan and America sold over 600,000 units each. So the global total should be over 1.6 million now.
mZuzek (on 05 September 2015)
I remember someone questioning me why I believed this game would have legs. Oh well, I guess time showed the answer.
Skullwaker (on 05 September 2015)
Splatoon is a very leggy game. It seems like the constant updates and in-game events consistently put the game in the press, which sparks more people to hear about it and buy it. In Japan, the game has actually raised the baseline for the Wii U, so new people are buying the console every week specifically for this game. I've heard from several sources that it's actually one of the most talked about games in schools (in addition to Yokai, of course).
b00moscone (on 04 September 2015)
Welcome, my friend, to the might of Nintendo legs.

But yeah, this is amazing for a new IP on the Wii U
Zach808 (on 04 September 2015)
Wow, is it just me, or is this game's sales dropping really slowly compared to other similarly selling exclusives this year? I wasn't too impressed by the opening week sales (pretty much thrashed by The Order and Bloodborne), but those two dropped like a brick afterwards. Splatoon's managed to maintain the 100k mark for several weeks, and has pretty much been stuck around 70-80k ever since, while the other two had long since dropped under 40k by week 10.
PAOerfulone (on 02 September 2015)
Or how much of a success it has yet to be!
I could see this game finished with around 5 million lifetime now.
b00moscone (on 02 September 2015)
Will easily reach 1.5m in the next two weeks.

Heck, it could reach 2m before the holidays
Nuvendil (on 01 September 2015)
And to think this game was once thought to be lucky to hit 1 million lifetime...
It's kinda crazy to think how much of a success Splatoon has been.
Nuvendil (on 01 September 2015)
And to think this game was once thought to be lucky to hit 1 million lifetime...
It's kinda crazy to think how much of a success Splatoon has been.
zippy (on 30 August 2015)
My Xbox fan cousing came to stay at the weekend, and after playing Splatoon, he immediately ordered a Wii U. His words were "best game I have played this year". Those are my thoughts too, and this deserves all the good sales it gets. Let's hope this garage team are busy at work on something else unique.
Screamapillar (on 29 August 2015)
As of this week's Media Create, Splatoon is over 600k in Japan (physical) and set to surpass Smash Bros. Wii U by the end of September. Crazy!
Ljink96 (on 26 August 2015)
Pretty sure, Japan numbers are at 585K. Man, what's happened to VGC. They used to be on top of their game.:(
Cheebee (on 24 August 2015)
3 million by the end of the year seems pretty doable imo, including digital. As of right now it could be close to 2 million already.
thewastedyouth (on 20 August 2015)
I thought this game was gonna bomb and I was completely wrong. Can't believe it. Gonna get a wii u just for this and pikmin
ExplodingBlock (on 18 August 2015)
"It will be lucky if it sells 750k lifetime". I still get a kick out of reading those comments
Nuvendil (on 14 August 2015)
Wow, just announced Splatoon is about 540k in the US alone end of July. So around 600k North America seems reasonable. Japan is at 500k+ retail iirc at the end of July. And then there's Europe and the rest of the world plus digital in Japan. I'd say Splatoon is well on its way to an easy 2mil+ end of year sales. It even does have a chance for 3mil by the end of the year, especially shipped+digital.
b00moscone (on 12 August 2015)
@Paatar Wow, if so then you might be right, Splatoon might have a chance of reaching 3m if it keeps its weekly sales as it is.
Paatar (on 11 August 2015)
Boomoscone, only a few weeks ago they just announced it had reached 1.61m sold.
It will hit 3m by years end I think.
b00moscone (on 09 August 2015)
By now this game has to be at 1.5m +

Will probably reach 2m by end of year, with Christmas giving it a major boost.
Stellar_Fungk (on 05 August 2015)
Gangsta sales
Ryng_Tolu (on 04 August 2015)
Splatoon is confirmed overtracked in the US, because NPD said 290k for June, VGChartz has Splatoon in 4 weeks ( miss one week) at 315,058.
The game can be undertracked in other countries of course.
But to be honest, i'm not interesting. I just give about the Nintendo annunced, even if are shipped + digital, so, in my book, Splatoon is at 1,620,000 for end of June.
garretslarrity (on 29 July 2015)
Nintendo has confirmed that Splatoon has sold (shipped + digital) 1.62M as of June 30, 2015. So clearly VGC has NOT been overtracking it.
ExplodingBlock (on 29 July 2015)
I wonder who sold more copies
Squid or Kid
Ultrashroomz (on 21 July 2015)
...I'm a squid kid...
Goodnightmoon (on 12 July 2015)

Is showing inkredible legs already
Skullwaker (on 10 July 2015)
@Darwinianevolution probably not in actual sold numbers. Hyrule Warriors was confirmed 1m shipped in January, and I'd be surprised if it hadn't reached it before Splatoon.
Jranation (on 10 July 2015)
Darwinianevolution (on 10 July 2015)
Did Splatoon beat Hyrule Warriors in the first to achieve 1m retail numbers?
LipeJJ (on 09 July 2015)
2m+ by the end of the year: here we go!
TreeTurtle (on 09 July 2015)
daaaaang, 1 million already?
Skullwaker (on 09 July 2015)
1m! That didn't take long at all. Now let's see how far it can go. :)
Ryng_Tolu (on 09 July 2015)
1,000,000 now in VGChartz. :)
bunchanumbers (on 09 July 2015)
I am so happy that this game is selling so well. It deserves every sale it gets.
garretslarrity (on 09 July 2015)
Since VGChartz only tracks physical, this is probably a little overtracked. Unless the 1.1M statement, even though announced on the 24th, was as of an earlier day.
Clyde32 (on 09 July 2015)
It was confirmed to be at 1.1M on June 24th. So either it's 100K in 4 days or...
GuyDuke (on 09 July 2015)
So happy this game sells so much!
xboxonefan (on 09 July 2015)
it sold 1 millons
OfficerRaichu15 (on 09 July 2015)
1 million seller!!!!
Skullwaker (on 08 July 2015)
1m was confirmed on June 24th, which was a little over 2 weeks ago. So yes, it has been weeks. The game itself has been out for over a month.
darkneal (on 08 July 2015)
He confirmed 1 million a few weeks ago? Its only been out a few weeks! Now if you said a few DAYS ago, now that makes sense.
Pillow (on 08 July 2015)
Game is proably arround 1,2M by now. Iwata confirmed 1M a few weeks ago.
Goodnightmoon (on 08 July 2015)
OfficerRaichu15 (on 07 July 2015)
Going to be around 820k 3rd Week.
Add around 100k 4th week and that should be fine with digital.
170k digital too high perhaps?
Ryng_Tolu (on 07 July 2015)
LMGAO. 1.5m was my prediction... It will easy double those numbers. :~P
xboxonefan (on 07 July 2015)
400k in 2 days
CWegzz (on 07 July 2015)
400k in 2 days, nice!
Octane (on 24 June 2015)
Already surpassed 1 million. VGChartz should update this stuff, we're still stuck in April...
FloatingWaffles (on 18 April 2015)

Actually Splatoon made it on the charts one week before Xenoblade X did.
ExplodingBlock (on 18 April 2015)
This and Xenoblade X both debuted in the pre order charts the same week!
fory77 (on 16 April 2015)
It's in the pre-order charts finally!
fory77 (on 16 April 2015)
It's in the pre-order charts finally!
drake_tolu (on 16 July 2014)
I predict 1.5 million! :D


curl-6 (on 19 February 2017)
I still think it can make it, yes.
fedfed (on 27 January 2017)
5 mil still possible you think?
AngryLittleAlchemist (on 15 December 2016)
God this game is just awesome. Nintendo,
please support more new IPS!
Nautilus (on 22 October 2016)
With the Switch version, assuming its a
port, Splatoon is easily going to get
more 3 or 4 million sales.
curl-6 (on 09 September 2016)
With 6 months til NX, including a
holiday season, 5 million is practically
in the bag
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