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ファイナルファンタジー零式 HD


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03/17/15 Square Enix
03/19/15 Square Enix
03/20/15 Square Enix

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Summary

In an act of unprovoked aggression, the Militesi Empire invaded the Dominion of Rubrum. Imperial dreadnoughts swarmed the skies, assailing the unsuspecting countryside under the banner of the White Tiger. From amidst the flames of the besieged dominion, the Vermilion Bird rose in defiance, her crystal granting magic and mighty eidolons that her disciples might cast out the technologically advanced aggressors.

Thrust into the tumult of war, the fate of the world and its four crystals now rests on the shoulders of fourteen brave, young warriors.

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xboxonefan posted 31/05/2018, 08:03
This game dropped quickly
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Shikamo posted 04/05/2017, 07:58
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greencactaur posted 17/04/2017, 10:17
Honestly I would've liked this game a lot more if it didn't have the time based mechanic. It works in persona well, but here it feels tacked on :c.
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Rob5VGC posted 09/04/2017, 04:37
Finally reached 1 million.
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Rob5VGC posted 14/02/2017, 03:50
@xboxonefan Technically, 998,700.
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xboxonefan posted 14/02/2017, 12:20
1 million
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