Final Fantasy X / X-2 HD Remaster

Global Total as of 27th Sep 2014 (units): 0.53m
Platform: PlayStation VitaAlso on: PlayStation 3
Developer: Square Enix Genre: Role-Playing

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
28th December 20131151,131N/A151,131
04th January 2014239,757-73.7%190,888
11th January 2014316,887-57.5%207,775
18th January 2014414,183-16.0%221,958
25th January 201459,067-36.1%231,025
01st February 201465,913-34.8%236,938
08th February 201473,845-35.0%240,783
15th February 201483,204-16.7%243,987
22nd February 201492,063-35.6%246,050
01st March 2014102,2368.4%248,286

Global Annual Summary (Units)



Meret (4 days ago)
what a shitty sales
GdaTyler (on 28 September 2014)
500K on Vita is actually pretty ok.
Wonder if it'll leg it out to at least
BlowoverKing (on 17 June 2014)
Undertracked by 8k in the US which is
weird considering it's a jrpg.
AngryAztec (on 16 June 2014)
Well this game bombed hard and this
explains why Square-Enix cancelled FF
Type-0 HD on Vita.
Kowan (on 19 April 2014)
Vgchartz needs to get their facts
straight. This is very undertracked.
Media Create official sales
has already shown how much this has sold
in Japan and yet Vgchartz still won't
change their inaccurate numbers.
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