Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Global Total as of 30th Sep 2017 (units): 0.61m
Platform: Nintendo DS
Developer: Intelligent Systems Genre: Strategy

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
26th January 2008561,282N/AN/A
02nd February 2008535,369-42.3%N/A
09th February 2008518,448-47.8%N/A
16th February 2008511,674-36.7%N/A
23rd February 200859,390-19.6%N/A
01st March 200859,075-3.4%N/A
08th March 200857,226-20.4%N/A
15th March 200855,582-22.8%N/A
22nd March 200855,398-3.3%N/A
29th March 200854,572-15.3%N/A
05th April 200854,6411.5%N/A
12th April 200855,39616.3%N/A
19th April 200856,05712.2%N/A
26th April 200856,6419.6%N/A
03rd May 200856,358-4.3%N/A
10th May 200856,202-2.5%N/A
17th May 200856,4584.1%N/A
24th May 200855,985-7.3%N/A
31st May 200855,855-2.2%N/A
07th June 200855,689-2.8%N/A
14th June 200856,29210.6%N/A
21st June 200856,052-3.8%N/A
28th June 200855,634-6.9%N/A
05th July 200855,6881.0%N/A
12th July 200855,167-9.2%N/A
19th July 200855,4505.5%N/A
26th July 200855,435-0.3%N/A
02nd August 200854,791-11.8%N/A
09th August 200854,456-7.0%N/A
16th August 200854,189-6.0%N/A
23rd August 200854,4496.2%N/A
30th August 200853,998-10.1%N/A
06th September 200853,838-4.0%N/A
13th September 200853,701-3.6%N/A
20th September 200853,403-8.1%N/A
27th September 200853,059-10.1%N/A
04th October 200853,1974.5%N/A
11th October 200853,039-4.9%N/A
18th October 200852,835-6.7%N/A
25th October 200852,818-0.6%N/A
01st November 200852,9073.2%N/A
08th November 200853,20110.1%N/A
15th November 200853,182-0.6%N/A
22nd November 200853,93523.7%N/A
29th November 200858,321111.5%N/A
06th December 200855,900-29.1%N/A
13th December 200859,01552.8%N/A
20th December 2008510,39215.3%N/A
27th December 200859,947-4.3%N/A
03rd January 200953,960-60.2%N/A
10th January 200952,875-27.4%N/A
17th January 200952,240-22.1%N/A
24th January 200951,916-14.5%N/A
31st January 200951,840-4.0%N/A
07th February 200951,719-6.6%N/A
14th February 200951,512-12.0%N/A
21st February 200951,5502.5%N/A
28th February 200951,454-6.2%N/A
07th March 200951,446-0.6%N/A
14th March 200951,321-8.6%N/A
21st March 200951,198-9.3%N/A
28th March 200951,2090.9%N/A
04th April 200951,2553.8%N/A
11th April 200951,71836.9%N/A
18th April 200951,240-27.8%N/A
25th April 20095970-21.8%N/A
02nd May 20095868-10.5%N/A
09th May 20095826-4.8%N/A
16th May 20095744-9.9%N/A
23rd May 200957642.7%N/A
30th May 20095733-4.1%N/A
06th June 2009580610.0%N/A
13th June 200958110.6%N/A
20th June 200958231.5%N/A
27th June 20095635-22.8%N/A
04th July 20095475-25.2%N/A
11th July 2009554815.4%N/A
18th July 2009575137.0%N/A
25th July 200958209.2%N/A
01st August 20095676-17.6%N/A
08th August 20095604-10.7%N/A
15th August 20095581-3.8%N/A
22nd August 20095553-4.8%N/A
29th August 200955866.0%N/A
05th September 2009565611.9%N/A
12th September 20095462-29.6%N/A
19th September 200954987.8%N/A
26th September 20095370-25.7%N/A
03rd October 20095331-10.5%N/A
10th October 200953330.6%N/A
17th October 2009544934.8%N/A
24th October 20095997122.0%N/A
31st October 200951,43944.3%N/A
07th November 200951,011-29.7%N/A
14th November 200951,15314.0%N/A
21st November 200951,45726.4%N/A
28th November 200952,89398.6%N/A
05th December 200953,53122.1%N/A
12th December 200955,81664.7%N/A
19th December 200957,12022.4%N/A
26th December 200959,96039.9%N/A
02nd January 201055,717-42.6%N/A
09th January 201053,994-30.1%N/A
16th January 201053,703-7.3%N/A
23rd January 201053,8253.3%N/A
30th January 201053,656-4.4%N/A
06th February 201053,190-12.7%N/A
13th February 201053,4488.1%N/A
20th February 201054,53131.4%N/A
27th February 201054,395-3.0%N/A

Global Annual Summary (Units)


Note, data for this region is incomplete.

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Goodnightmoon (on 19 January 2015)
Awesome game
ROFLMAO (on 21 June 2012)
This was a great game. My favourite
Advance Wars. I loved the story.
d21lewis (on 23 December 2011)
Just got it today. Hope I enjoy it as
much as I enjoyed Dual Strike!
stitch55555 (on 07 September 2011)
finally european sales...
spurgeonryan (on 02 July 2011)
I have the hardest time with DS online
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