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グランツーリスモ 5


Polyphony Digital



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11/24/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/25/10 Sony Computer Entertainment
11/24/10 Sony Computer Entertainment

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Gran Turismo 5 - Reviews

Critic Reviews

1up Read Review A- 25th Nov 2010
CheatCodeCentral Read Review 4.8 out of 5 24th Nov 2010
Edge Read Review 7 out of 10 01st Dec 2010
Eurogamer Read Review 9 out of 10 24th Nov 2010
Game Informer Read Review 9 out of 10 24th Nov 2010
GameDaily Read Review 8 out of 10 02nd Oct 2011
Gameplanet Read Review 8 out of 10 28th Nov 2010
Gamepro Read Review 4.5 out of 5 24th Nov 2010
Games Master UK Print Magazine 79 out of 100 15th Mar 2011
Gamespot Read Review 8 out of 10 30th Nov 2010
Gamespy Read Review 4 out of 5 03rd Dec 2010
Gametrailers Read Review 9 out of 10 03rd Dec 2010
GiantBomb Read Review 3 out of 5 03rd Dec 2010
IGN Read Review 8.5 out of 10 24th Nov 2010
VideoGamer Read Review 8 out of 10 25th Nov 2010

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CGI-Quality posted 03/07/2016, 09:03
PD Updated their site. 11.95m now.
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CGI-Quality posted 27/12/2015, 07:51

Official numbers for the entire series. GT5 is the second best selling game in the franchise!
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CGI-Quality posted 21/12/2015, 04:47

It also puts that thread in a massive change of perspective! :D
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CGI-Quality posted 20/12/2015, 05:56
Interesting thing to note - when you break down the regions, in the US, GT5 sold 3.44m, while GT4 sold 3.47m. This is significant, because many thought that the brand was falling off there. The highest selling GT, that wasn't a pack-in title in the US (like GT3), sold 3.99m, which was the original game. This means that the drop off has not been anywhere near as big as claimed and it also means that GT is still the highest selling console driving simulator in the region.

GT7 could sell a little closer to that 3.99m, given the PS4's sales history for other, high profile, 1st party titles.
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CGI-Quality posted 17/12/2015, 09:33
I never dreamed of it doing 12 million. That's just bananas! What it tells me is, GT6 was a bit of a fluke. That it released at the worst possible time (still nearing 5 million, but you get the idea).

GT7 should suffer no such fate. And GT Sport should do a good 8-10 million (a little less than the series' trademark 10-11 million, since it isn't a numbered release).
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VXIII posted 17/12/2015, 06:31
True. What a monster. I predicted 10.5M back in days. GT5 pretty much exceeded everyone's expectations at this point.
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