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10/16/92 Sega
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The story takes place on a colony founded by the legendary Alis Landale and chronologically fits between Phantasy Star and Phantasy Star II, precisely 471 years of distance between each other. A few years after the first game, Alis settled in Copto, a light year away of the Algol star system, but Kaburon already dominated this newly found planet. When he was defeated, Alis sealed him and nicknamed the planet "Aresaland".

Four centuries latter, in AW813, an orphan named Minina of the town Tedo tells her friend Alec that she found the Light Pendant in a near by cave. After discussing the significance of this find, the two learn that Alec's father Morg has been taken captive during his search for the laconian weapons by the Daidalus bandits. After discovering a secret scroll, Minina learns that she is the descendant of the colony's founder, Alis.

During their journey, they meet up with Doromu (a dwarf of the forest) and a Lars (Alisa's android). The game takes them all across the world into various caves and distant villages. Many of the towns that they come across are afflicted with some sort of disaster, but the party makes no effort to help them. For example, in the town of Karkato, Alec and Mina do not help the townspeople who have lost their fishing boats, because the main goal is to find the sacred Laconian weapons in order to defeat the evil force ruining the land.

Near the end of the game, Alec and Minina discover Alis in a hidden cave under cryonic sleep. After awaking her, the team takes on the evil boss, Kaburon. Once he is defeated, the game ends with Alis informing you that even though Kaburon is dead, "A greater evil is awakening. Not in Copto.." and she's needed, to save the Algol system once more.

(credit: Wikipedia; entry for "Phantasy Star Gaiden"

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