Forza Motorsport 5

Global Total as of 23rd Aug 2014 (units): 1.46m
Platform: Xbox One
Developer: Turn 10 Studios Genre: Racing

Germany First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
23rd November 2013127,397N/A27,397
30th November 201325,131-81.3%32,528
07th December 201336,04517.8%38,573
14th December 201347,77728.7%46,350
21st December 201357,162-7.9%53,512
28th December 201365,519-22.9%59,031
04th January 201474,071-26.2%63,102
11th January 201482,024-50.3%65,126
18th January 201492,021-0.1%67,147
25th January 2014101,242-38.5%68,389

Germany Annual Summary (Units)



Chris Hu (on 22 June 2014)
The two free Q50's in August are going
to be pretty sweet. Especially the Eau
Rouge version.
Chris Hu (on 10 June 2014)
Turn 10 did a really good job with the
Ring that being said it would be nice if
they would release at least one more
Chris Hu (on 27 May 2014)
Well the game will get at least two more
car packs the next one come out this
Friday already. I also think there is a
strong chance for another DLC track
coming out soon. It will probably be
either Monza, Pacific Raceways or the
Ring. Monza would be a nice fit to be
released in September because that is
when the F1 race takes place there and
it would be a nice fit for the monthly
endurance race because none of the other
tracks in the game get used for a race
in real live in that month.
Chris Hu (on 14 May 2014)
@Mr Puggsly the new tracks are a lot of
fun almost got all the achievements that
where added after Long Beach also just
need the Long Beach hopper one and the
drift one (which I might not get).
Still hoping they add at least a couple
more also hoping that this month DLC car
pack wasn't the last one.
Mr Puggsly (on 08 May 2014)
@ Skeeuk - As long as Forza games keep
selling 2 - 3 million, that's enough to
keep it going.

Glad to see its
selling well. I started playing again to
check the new tracks, good stuff.
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