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LifeSigns: Hospital Affairs

Kenshuui Tendo Dokuta 2: Inochi no Tenbin

研修医天堂独太2 命の天秤





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11/06/07 DreamCatcher Interactive
10/20/05 Spike
02/28/09 JoWood Productions

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You’ve watched the dramas, comedies and soap operas on television – now it’s your chance to slip on the scrubs and become a real live doctor!

LifeSigns is an original, exciting and portable adventure game for the Nintendo® DS that allows you to experience what it’s like to be a top doctor in one of the best hospitals around… Just like on television, you’ll be continuously confronted with interpersonal issues between you and your staff and you’ll need to resolve them as quickly and professionally as possible. Of course, you’ll also have the opportunity to operate on those who need your help the most. By using the DS’ unique touchscreen, you will be able to communicate, examine, diagnose and operate on many of the hospital’s patients.

You’re now on call!

  • Operate on patients of all ages – but before you operate, you’ll need to figure out what Title: LifeSigns is wrong with them using the DS’ unique touch-screen technology!
  • Operate on your own, but for more difficult and serious cases, you will likely need to Platform: Nintendo® DS utilize the assistance and skills of other doctors.
  • Relationships are extremely important at work – especially when someone’s life is at Mini-box risk! Carefully manage your staff, so that they’ll be willing to help you when you need Anticipated them the most!
  • Developed in Japan, fans of magna comics will love the popular art style used in the game.
  • Numerous mini-games and bonuses to unlock for hours of re-playability!

* copied from http://www.jowood.com/?lang=en&site=2&gameid=lifesigns&pfid=DS *

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Madanial posted 26/02/2009, 10:44
Hey ,this one's interesting.I'll add to keep my eye on this one. :D
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spdk1 posted 28/07/2008, 07:40
tell me I'm not the only person with this game :(
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