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05/30/14 Nintendo
05/29/14 Nintendo
05/30/14 Nintendo

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Mario Kart 8 - Reviews

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CheatCodeCentral Read Review 4.2 out of 5 06th Jan 2018
Destructoid Read Review 9 out of 10 06th Jan 2018
Eurogamer Read Review 10 out of 10 12th Mar 2018
Game Informer Read Review 9.25 out of 10 06th Jan 2018
Gamespot Read Review 8 out of 10 12th Mar 2018
Gaming Trend Read Review 80 out of 100 12th Mar 2018
GiantBomb Read Review 4 out of 5 12th Mar 2018
IGN Read Review 9 out of 10 06th Jan 2018
Polygon Read Review 9 out of 10 06th Jan 2018
VideoGamer Read Review 9 out of 10 06th Jan 2018

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No9tro posted 24/06/2018, 08:28
I don't know what it is but something makes me prefer this version over the switch port. Could be aby bumber of things like the lack of (ugly) purple sparks or the better online (imo) but the Wii U version just well felt warmer than the switch port or something.
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bulla posted 03/06/2017, 07:26
is at 8.31million according to Nintendo as of March 2017
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Mentore posted 30/01/2017, 10:44
The only racing series that matters.
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Salnax posted 12/01/2017, 04:07
Remember that article predicting this would sell 1.4 million total?
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Zach808 posted 23/12/2016, 09:53
I doubt it can pass SMK, at least the Wii U version. Passing Super Circuit was a pleasant surprise, and it pulled off a near miracle by passing Double Dash, but now it's just out of time. It has a long way to go, and no one's gonna buy a Wii U with the Switch coming out.
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Goodnightmoon posted 18/11/2016, 03:06
Why is this game so damn undertracked?
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