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07/22/93 Electronic Arts
07/23/93 Electronic Arts Victor
01/01/92 Electronic Arts

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Race your way to the finish line through through unclosed streets in the U.S.  Do whatever it takes to fight your way from 15th place to 1st.  Punch and kick other racers off their bikes, snatch their weapons from them and use them against them, ram them off the road, or into an incoming car.  But, it is illegal street racing, so, keep an eye out for police on motorbikes.

Use the money you earn to buy new bikes, and level up your rankings, as you race in Alaska, Arizona, Hawaii, Tennessee, and Vermont.  The more you progress, the longer the races, the higher the earnings, and the tougher the challenge.  Just don't get busted, or wreck your bike; it'll cost you.



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Burning Typhoon posted 17/06/2009, 06:32
Two player split screen makes this better than the original, which only did two player rotation.

Racing with 16 bikers is always fun. This game is the reason why I don't like racing games with less than 8 racers.

The only exception is Speed Devils on Dreamcast.
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