Resident Evil 4

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Platform: PlayStation 3Also on: Wii, PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, GameCube, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Sega 32X
Developer: Capcom Production Studio 4 Genre: Action

Release History

BioHazard 4 CapcomJapan08th September 2011Playstation Store
Resident Evil 4 HD CapcomNorth America20th September 2011Retail
Resident Evil 4 CapcomEurope20th September 2011Playstation Store
Resident Evil 4 CapcomNorth America20th September 2011Playstation Store
Resident Evil 4 HD CapcomEurope21st September 2011Retail

Game Overview

Resident Evil 4 is a revolutionary 3rd Person Survival Horror game developed by Capcom as originally part of Capcom 5, 5 Capcom titles exclusive for the GameCube. This entry stars Leon S. Kennedy, lead of Resident Evil 2, in his new job looking for the President's daughter in Europe.

The game takes place in an over-the-shoulder third person view instead of dramatic camera angles of the earlier entries. You are faced with the violent natives soon after starting the game, called the Ganados and must kill them discovering the secret behind the kidnapping


Jedidiah-Rose (on 22 September 2011)
This game is amazing, no one could
dispute that unless they have some
serious issues, the tone, feel and style
of this game inspired Dead Space,
Bioshock and third person shooters in
general. The only reaso why I have not
given it full scores from my point is
that it is showing it's age, the stop to
shoot is kinda old now aswell, and
Capcom has rather unjustly shunned PS
gamers with the pathetic Trophy list it
has delivered.
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