Tohoku Daigaku Karei Igaku Kenkyuusho - Kawashima Ryuuta Kyouju Kanshuu - Mono Sugoku Nou o Kitaeru 5-Funkan no Oni Training

Global Total as of 29th Nov 2014 (units): 0.26m
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Developer: Unknown Genre: Action

Global First Ten Weeks (Units)

Week EndingWeekWeeklyChangeTotal
28th July 2012141,729N/A41,729
04th August 2012230,998-25.7%72,727
11th August 2012323,086-25.5%95,813
18th August 2012420,770-10.0%116,583
25th August 2012512,553-39.6%129,136
01st September 2012610,635-15.3%139,771
08th September 201277,993-24.8%147,764
15th September 201287,547-5.6%155,311
22nd September 201297,491-0.7%162,802
29th September 2012106,139-18.0%168,941

Global Annual Summary (Units)



Hibern81 (on 15 August 2012)
The Japanese get all the good games (and
the long names).
ganoncrotch (on 10 August 2012)
demon training is what this is called.

I don't think anyone
could ask for the full jap name at the
counter of a shop without at least
stopping for breath twice :D
Mr Khan (on 07 August 2012)
For the curious, the name means Tohoku
University Something (Karei has a
shitton of homonyms) Medicine Research
Institute - By Professor Kawashima
Ryuuta - Amazing Brain Training 5-minute
AbrahamHamdan (on 04 August 2012)
Really? they couldn't shorten the name
a little?
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