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The economic recession of 2008 was not the result of Wall Street leverage and the housing bubble. It was in fact a deliberate and highly complex plan conceived by a clandestine organization and carried out thought the fluid channels of greed so pervasive in Americaís financial sector. 

Through a grass roots investigation led by Nick Hammer and a team of net-hacks, this complicated plot was uncovered. It was determined that Sun Valley Bank, of Bells, Montana, was the nexus of this conspiracy.

Your mission is to attack the headquarters of this insidious plot and destroy the new inhabitants before they escape to waiting pods. This will not be easy, but with my special flying car named "Sally", unique weapons, full 3D gameplay, and thumbsteering, anything is possible.

Do you have what it takes to restore economic stability as we know it today? Good luck and God speed!

- Completely integrated storyline.
- Advanced graphics engine designed to take advantage of the power of Apple's mobile devices.
- Full 3D assets and effects.
- Intense and fast-paced gameplay.
- Multiple weapons
- In-game instructions.
- Music and sound effects included.


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