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06/21/07 Ubisoft
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06/08/07 Ubisoft

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Brothers In Arms DS brings all the action and strategy of the series to a handheld, utilizing the DS Touch Screen to control the squad


·         First Brothers In Arms for the DS System: Exclusively designed for Nintendo DS with easy-to-use, stylus-based controls such as using the Touch Screen to aim, with the camera following the stylus.

·         Impressive, Realistic 3D Graphics: Incredibly detailed environments with highly believable characters and enemies, cinematic camera angles, and great animation.

·         Drivable Vehicles: Drive a recon car or a Sherman Tank. Use a wide range of weapons such as bazookas, sniper rifles, grenades and more to destroy your enemy.

·         16 Missions and Three Different Campaigns: Relive the intensity of WWII through three different campaigns, from Normandy to North-Africa and Ardennes.

·         Redesigned New Multiplayer Experience: Fight major multiplayer battles with three of your friends in different multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

·         Contextual Movements: Gameplay adapted to the Nintendo DS hardware with auto-cover behind walls or auto-recovering life system.

·         An Unrivalled Sense of Drama: Experience a stronger emotional factor, due to the third-person view and dialogue between soldiers.

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1 n/a 3,657 n/a 645 4,302
2 n/a 1,982 n/a 350 2,332
3 n/a 1,021 n/a 180 1,201
4 n/a 623 n/a 110 733
5 n/a 463 n/a 82 545
6 n/a 359 n/a 63 422
7 n/a 305 n/a 54 359
8 n/a 252 n/a 44 296
9 n/a 224 n/a 40 264
10 n/a 202 n/a 36 238

Opinion (6)

pmaster4 posted 14/10/2008, 03:21
i thought it was a good game
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Griffin posted 09/09/2008, 07:36
I just bought this game at Wal-mart for $20, so far its pretty fun, but the controls are pretty bad for me. My bigs hands don't seem to be suited for the DS.
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MontanaHatchet posted 02/03/2008, 02:50
No, that's 1985.

Some people should learn how to update games *hint* *hint*
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11ht11 posted 17/02/2008, 05:36
does it say that europe and japan get this game in 2085?
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StarcraftManiac posted 11/01/2008, 04:53
Sad it sold REALLY BAD!... Seems to be a good game, but i'll just stick with MPHunters on DS ...
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stof posted 03/07/2007, 10:01
Probably the most immersive 3d shooter on the DS, the game is intense and engaging. The DS controls work great. Just get it already
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