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Gomoku Narabe (五目ならべ), also known as Gobang, Omok (오목), Wuzechi (五子棋) and Connect 5, is a fun strategy board game. In Asia, its popularity is comparable to games like chess, checkers, and backgammon.


★ The strongest Gomoku AI engine available on the AppStore
★ Three different game modes: Standard, Caro and Renju
★ Three different board sizes: 11x11, 15x15, 19x19
★ A powerful computer AI to play against, with an adjustable computer level setting
★ Option to save your game at any time, assuming the game is not over
★ Option to undo or redo any of the moves
★ Game keeps track of your statistics, which you can view to help analyze your games
★ Includes a tutorial section to help explain the rules of the game and the game interface
★ Features a zooming ability for placing stones on boards that are larger than 11x11
★ Option to enable a game clock to keep track of the time it takes to make a move
★ Option to show the most recent move
★ Features sound effects to make the game more realistic
★ Option to disable overlines (lines with more than five stones in a row)
★ Option to disable the "3 and 3" rule (placing a stone to create two or more open rows of three)
★ Option to disable the "4 and 4" rule (placing a stone to create two or more rows of four)
★ Option to enable board offset, displaying the new piece slightly above the finger for visibility
★ Does not interfere with your iPod music playing

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gomoku-narabe-gobang/id307769295?mt=8

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