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Become the greatest top gun! New Medal of Gunner is back with more great features and contents and more addictive! Also several updates will make you feel funny and exiting!

M.O.G – Medal of Gunner
The perfect combination of the authentic first person shooting and flying simulation!
M.O.G(Medal of Gunner) is the first person shooting game for the antiaircraft battle. Flying the B-17 which performed the brilliant exploit during the World War and shoot down the enemys fighters!
Experience the authentic action shooter with the real screen supported by Full 3D, the great sound effect with strong hitting that equals the reality and the perfect control feeling specialized in iOS environment!
The B-17 has the 8 antiaircraft defense gunner sights armed with a single gun or twin guns of Caliber 50. Aerial gunners arrayed in each gunner sight should find promptly the enemys fighters that are heading fast for the B-17 while flying up and down in every direction and diving or turning quickly, and defend the B-17 by expecting the fighters movements to shoot down the fighters with the gun during the antiaircraft fight.

1. FPS playing based on full 3D graphic & CG effect
2. Hitting with a strong sound effect
3. Thrilling control by tilting
4. Main Game Play
- Shooting for the fighters attacking in every route
- Fast move among the 8 gunner sight
- Protect the whole formation of the B-17 bombers with players
5. Main Target Object
- Fighters: 8 fighters with the different flying and attack power
*Bf-109, fw-190, ta-152, me-262, X Normal/Boss Types
*7 formation of fighters composed of 1 to 3 planes per fighter
*2 weapons and 2 aggression tactics per plane
- Boss Monster Flying Object
6. 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard, Extreme
- Different speed, weapon power and defensive power of the fighter
7. Game Play Bonus Item: Shoot down the fighter with items to get bonuses.

Keep up with the latest Medal of Gunner for updates, events, and more!!


Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/medal-of-gunner/id456815571?mt=8

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