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Ghosts can be terrifying. They are completely intangible so you can’t really punch one if they are after you. They often float around right off the ground, look creepy as heck, and do whatever they can to scare you. It can be quite intimidating.
You don`t need to be afraid of that. Just throw the bombs at ghosts until they are gone. This will be very fascinating!

You will eliminate ghosts by using bombs. Bombs fly to the place where You tapped. When You hit the ghost it becomes redder. Slider on the left side is controlling the power of bomb throwing. You can not change it`s value. Slider on the right side controls time before the bomb will explode and it`s value is editable. Use it wisely! Different bombs speed differs. Good luck and have fun playing Ghost Bomber!

-OpenFeint enabled
-great soundtrack
-unique pretty draw-like graphics
-possibility to post your data to twitter or to facebook
-structured description


Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ghost-bomber/id375666913?mt=8

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