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Match-It Trains is a memory match game that’s fun for all ages. Compete with friends, family and coworkers to see who can get the best times. Be the first to complete all 12 rounds of the Insane Difficulty level. !!!

Match-It Trains is a game of matching pairs of pictures to complete each round. This is where your typical memory match game ends and Match-It Trains begins. Instead of seeing the same 10 to 20 pictures over and over and over, Match-It Trains contains over 200 unique high quality train images for you to discover. This gives Match-It Trains allot of replay ability in itself.

While you are discovering all of these wonderful images you will also be competing against the clock. As you progress through the rounds of each difficulty level you will have less and less time to complete each round. If you complete a round before the time expires you will be given an appropriate applause, but if you run out of time…. well you will just have to find that out on your own.

But have no fears, the Easy difficulty level is still a relaxing memory match game with plenty of time for those who are not looking for a frantic screen mashing game.

As you progress through the rounds of a given difficulty level you will also have less and less time to view the images you have selected before they disappear. This means that in the later rounds of the harder difficulty levels you will need a sharp eye and quick reflexes to succeed.

Each progressively harder difficulty level introduces new images that are harder to distinguish and match. What this means is during the Easy difficulty level the trains are very colorful and easy to distinguish from one another, making matching them easier. In the later difficulty levels the trains are not as bright and cheery and are more difficult to distinguish from one another.


* 4 difficulty levels ranging from Easy to Insane.
* Over 200 different Train images for you to discover.
* A clean and intuitive interface throughout the game.
* Each difficulty level has it’s own unique color scheme throughout the game.
* High Score table that holds the top scores for each difficulty level.


Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/match-it-trains/id310507604?mt=8

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