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Fruits Island is attacked by a horde of bugs.
With no food, the bugs leave their territory and invade the fruits island. 
Fruits gather to stamp out the bugs on the island. 
70 days of war has happened among fruits and bugs.
The player’s goal is to clear the 70 stages.

Using water and soil, the player can produce units, upgrade the units, use the totem and skill by using the seeds that are rewarded when a player clears the stage.

This is a defense strategy game using the amount of units and leading them to victory on the battlefield effectively. 

0. Making continuously soil and water. Soil and water is the basic material of production. You can win if you constantly take care of it. 

1. Make a pump.
- The pump increases the amount of resources obtained.

2. Use a skill and totems. 
- The skill is very helpful when an ally is in danger.
- The Totem can either attack or defend, it makes to earn the time to prepare for the battle. 

3. Use the property of Units. 
- ex) Apple/Ant > Banana/Earth Warm > Flying Unit > Beetle/Water Melon > Melee Unit 

4. Upgrade with a plan. An unbalanced upgrade can be dangerous. 

5. Play fast and efficient can be rewarded with more seeds.

6. Flying units need lots of water. You need to control the water and use it effectively.

7. Heroes
- Hero needs rage gauge. Hero units have a great status point.

Source: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fruits-island-begins/id428448827?mt=8

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