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Finally! Mobile Art’s new game FURY ANIMALS WAR has come out!

Game type and description:
Fury Animals WAR is a great game for your IOS devices. You just need to slide your finger on your screen to throw the invaders away. Hire the heroes of the team Furyanimals and use their special power to kill the monsters will make your battle easier. Enjoy the Fury Animals, you will join the team Furyanimals and fight against the invaders from Planet Katie.

Background story:
Planet Furya is a general planet in the universe, beautiful and peace. The land of planet Furya is covered by green plants. There is an ancient tree in the deep of the forest. It’s called tree of life. The tree of life supports power of life to all the green plants on the planet and keeps ecological balance. Planet Furya will be extinct without the tree of life. Thus the heroes of Planet Furya founded team Furyanimals to protect the tree of life and the planet.
Planet Katie is a planet of parasites, even the planet was made of the dead parasite bodies. After thousands years evolution, the parasites on Katie developed their own parasitical science and technology. At last, the Katie can’t take more parasites. The parasites began to plunder other living planet to afford the Katie.
One day, the parasitic aliens from the Katie landed on the Furya…

Game features:
-Terrific visual effects;
-Simple moves, fight in a fascinating mode;
-Cute character, variety and fancy skills;
-Mysterious and uplifting battle BGMs.
-There are 30 levels in this game. You can use your imagination beat the parasite invaders in variety ways.

Let’s save the tree of life, save the Furya with the team Furyanimals!

source : itunes.apple.com

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