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03/20/07 Electronic Arts
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03/23/07 Electronic Arts

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spurgeonryan posted 02/07/2011, 05:38
Supposedly this, scarface, and bully were really good ports that built on their previous model.
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TWRoO posted 01/05/2010, 01:51
The combat system for this is the best I have ever played with. It takes some time to get used to it as it's quite complex (first couple of hours if I got into a tricky situation I didn't do much other than repeated pummeling)

The shooting I am still getting used to, it's much better now I switched back to normal instead of inverted... I had both inverted at first as itmakes more sense for moving the camera, but now I am using free-aim more I can't have a pointer system inverted as it is just wrong..... there should have been an option to have the camera inverted except for when in free-aim mode.
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roccerfeller posted 08/02/2010, 05:02
i wish the boxart was better
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clapiotis posted 21/09/2009, 09:40
where is europe?
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fmc83 posted 10/09/2009, 03:11
To throw my 2 cents in. For controls I think Godfather is best, than Bully and than as honourable 3rd Scarface.
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kanjitech18 posted 05/08/2009, 02:23
Scarface was better. Yeah, the graphics were better in the Godfather but the controls were best in Scarface.
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